favourite child digimon bond

Leadup to Last Evolution #10: Favourite Child Digimon Bond

Following on from my last countdown post for the Kizuna Countdown, today I’m writing about my favourite child Digimon bond.

In the leadup to the Adventure reboot, I’m actually rewatching Digimon Adventure, so all of the Adventure bonds are fairly clear in my head at the moment, so it’s a pretty good time to talk about my answer for today’s prompt.

Adventure had a lot of great relationships between the human chosen and their partner Digimon, but picking a favourite child Digimon bond is really easy.

Favourite child Digimon Bond – Joe and Gomamon

The pair contrast really nicely, Gomamon is an excitable go getter, and Joe is fairly grounded and cautious, but can be incredibly brave. This brave side is often brought out by Gomamon’s enthusiasm.

favourite child digimon bond

It’s a bond that continues to develop in the following seasons as well, Gomamon supports Joe when he needs him, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them interact in Kizuna.

The pair’s bond really highlights what it means to be ‘partners’ – they bring out the best in each other and care incredibly deeply for each other. It’s heart warming, but can also be heart wrenching, as we saw in Tri, and no other bonds in Digimon really reflect what it means to be partners as much as Joe and Gomamon.

So what is your favourite child Digimon bond?

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