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Video: Digimon OG and Ver20th Differences
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Podcast: Digimon Adventure 2020: Five – Tentomon Gets Swole
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Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode Six Discussion Podcast July 13th

Digimon Adventure Novel Reading Part 16 – July 18th

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About Lost in Translationmon – A Digimon Podcast and Blog

Lost in Translationmon is a Digimon podcast and blog which covers a range of Digimon and non-Digimon related topics ranging from reviewing merchandise to reviewing the anime and manga.

On the podcast, we are currently covering the latest season of Digimon, Digimon Adventure: (2020) with weekly coverage, as well as reading the Digimon Adventure novelisation fortnightly!

In the coverage of Digimon Adventure: (2020), I am joined by Stevie and Quinn from The Moncast (A Pokemon and Digimon Podcast).

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