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Good afternoon!
We are currently running two polls, one for how we should cover the Digimon Chronicle Manga (blog post here) and another about what day would people be interested in a potential weekly stream (blog post here).
Response rate for both has been pretty low so far, so we thought we’d give you a quick poke in case there’s anybody who hasn’t seen the polls yet.

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Digimon Poll: In Digimon Adventure, is PicoDevimon/DemiDevimon Devimon reborn?

In Digimon Adventure, our first big bad is killed by Angemon. The episode before he is destroyed, we are told of ‘The Village of Beginnings’ (Primary Village in the English dub) and later on in the season we find out that Ogremon, who died with Devimon, was reborn.
As I child, I always believed that the PicoDevimon/DemiDevimon that later shows up as a lackey of Vamdemon is Devimon reborn, albeit without his memories as he was not bonded to any humans like Angemon or Ogremon and in Tri, Leomon.
This is never really stated, but do you think that PicoDevimon/DemiDevimon could be a reborn Devimon? Or is he just an unrelated bad dude?