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Project DigiShell

When I was investigating a rare Digivice in order to determine its version, I noticed that there wasn’t really a website documenting each shell for each version of Digimon Digivice or Digimon virtual pet like there is for Tamagotchi toys with Project TamaShell.

So I thought I may as well use my Digimon collection for good and start documenting each version of each release as well as what shells are available!

Project DigiShell is a big work in progress at the moment as I have to take photos of a lot of my collection, but piece by piece it’ll grow into something useful.

Project DigiShell’s main goal is to record and document all Digimon devices and virtual pet versions and shells in order to act as a useful resource for collectors.

Are we missing shells? Submit an image with its version and region!

Digimon Shells

(not complete and missing shells except if otherwise specified)

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