Meiko Simultaneously Did Nothing Wrong and Everything Wrong: The Best, Dullest, and Worst Chapters of Digimon Adventure Tri

Alright! Home stretch for this series, though there will be two posts still after this one – movies and overall. I’m separating Tri from the movies and treating each movie as an ‘episode’ in this case, so the movies will be covered separately and will not include Tri.
There will be spoilers as, unlike Appmon, this had an English release (both with official subtitles and a dub) so I’m fine to write spoilers in this.

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Hikari Says Murder is A-Okay!: The Best, Dullest and Worst episode of Digimon Adventure 02

I love 02 because of how much nostalgia I have for it – it’s the first season I watched in its entirety as it aired instead of just catching the last ten episodes and then catching up with reruns like I did with the first season – and I absolutely love the D3 (my first Digivice toy was Yolei’s D3).
However, as an adult I’ve found that the writing is not as great as it could be and a lot and I feel the majority of each episode could be cut out as it’s stock footage (evolutions, attacks, and ‘let’s go to the Digital World’ animation).
I have a lot of feelings about 02.

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Is Takeru the True Villian?: The Best, Dullest and Worst episode of Digimon Adventure

So after my last post about the most heartstring-pulling tear-jerking moments, I thought it would be a good idea to write about the best, most mediocre, and worst episodes of Digimon for each season (including Tri). It’s also the option that’s in the lead in our ‘what should I write about next?’ poll.
I’m going to separate these posts into seasons and then, once each season has been covered, determine a best, dullest and worst episode overall.
Prefacing with a disclaimer that I’ll probably be using a mashup on English and Original names for characters.

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You can now preorder the hat that the best character in Digimon Adventure wears from Nippon Yasan!

May contacted Nippon Yasan and they just notified us that you can now preorder Mimi’s hat.
They also mentioned that the CSA 1999 Digivice will be up soon too!

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