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Leadup to Last Evolution #6, 7, 8, and 9: Favourite Digimon Adventure Series and Characters

Following on from day 5 in the Kizuna Countdown, today I’m combining day 6, 7, 8, and 9; Favourite Digimon Adventure series, Favourite Digimon Adventure character, Favourite Digimon Adventure 02 character, and Favourite Digimon Adventure Partner.

Also, the Last Evolution novelisation is out on Kindle, so I’ll be reading that and giving my thoughts either via podcast, blog post, or both. However, these leadup posts will remain spoiler free.

I’m combining these four discussion points into one post because they’re fairly short, so I’m skipping through time a little bit here too.

Favourite Digimon Adventure Series

The stage play continues to be my absolutely favourite entry into the Digimon Adventure story. I love Adventure and 02 for nostalgia reasons, but in general I only enjoyed about half of Tri.

However, the Digimon Adventure stage play was by far my favourite Digimon Adventure series entry, even if it doesn’t completely count, because, in my opinion, it’s the most perfect and most enjoyable, without being at risk of my opinion being clouded by nostalgia.

If you want to hear my thoughts about the stage play, Jay and I reviewed and discussed it on the podcast when it first came out.

favourite digimon adventure stage play

Favourite Digimon Adventure Kid

favourite digimon adventure mimi
This is not a surprise in the slightest.

Mimi grew from a girl who would whine and complain and cry about having to walk or be dirty or fight or just about anything into a girl who caught flying poo mid air by the end of the season.
I’ve always liked Mimi, despite being very different from her in terms of feminity, but that feminity is the reason why I like her so much; she’s a girl, she likes pink, she likes pretty things, she likes shopping – she’s your streotypical, socially acceptable girl. However, just because she is all those things, she’s not weak. Mimi is incredibly strong willed and strong in general.

Mimi is also fairly realistic, along with Joe, she’s one of the only characters who seems alarmed at the fact that they’re not in the human world and are fairly lost in the first season, compared to all of the other children accept it pretty well.

She also is a great chef. Apparently.

Favourite Digimon Adventure 02 Kid

favourite digimon adventure miyako

I really loved 02 as a kid, however, watching it as an adult when I had to analyse it for the podcast, opened my eyes to the fact that it could have been a whole lot better. Which is fairly sad. One of those things is that 02 only used Miyako’s tech-savy brilliance a very limited number of times in the series; She was shown to be at least the level that Koushiro was in the first season of Digimon, but we never had enough evidence in the actual story, even when it would have been relevant to come up.

What’s worse is that in the epilogue, she didn’t even have a job or education clearly stated other than ‘married Ken’ and ‘has children’, which really annoyed me as a budding software developer.

Miyako inspired me as a child; she was strong and driven and good with computers – basically everything I wanted to be – and her flaws were relatable.

Favourite Adventure Partner

favourite digimon adventure palmon

Palmon is just so great in general; her voice is charming in both the Japanese and English versions, her character is one that inspires confidence in a way that’s hard to describe, and her design is just so pleasant and is such a nice mix of green and pink.

I absolutely adore her and her design in general is one of my favourites. She was my first Digimon plus toy (you may have noticed the image I used for the last leadup post had a very small me with a very small Palmon).

So who are your favourite Digimon Adventure characters, and what is your favourite Digimon Adventure series? Have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday to talk about my favourite chosen-Digimon bond!

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