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5 Hopes for the New Digimon Adventure and What We Know Now

New year, New Digimon Adventure! This April, a brand new Digimon TV series will air! This time a reboot of sorts of Digimon Adventure.

This will be similar to my predictions for Digimon Adventure Kizuna that I wrote last week, I’ll be writing up five things that I’d like to see in the new series. Since we don’t know much, these can’t remember be predictions, per say, just things I want to see!

First of all, because I’ve been asked by people, yes, I do want to cover this on the podcast!

What we know about the new Digimon Adventure

The name was originally thought to be Digimon Adventure: Psi, but that may have been a reading of the Digivice logo, so for now, I’ll just call it ‘new Digimon Adventure’ because otherwise it’s ‘Digimon Adventure: (Colon)’, which is dumb and seems unfinished, ‘Digimon Adventure: Psi’ (which may be incorrect), or ‘Digimon Adventure: Digvice Logo’, which is also pretty dumb.

As of writing this, we don’t know if it will be coming to Crunchy Roll or if it’ll be like Appmon initially….

new Digimon Adventure

An adventure of the unknown takes place in 2020!

STORY: It’s the year 2020. Computer networks have become an irreplaceable component for human lifestyles. However, what humans don’t know is that on the other side of the network lives an endless world, the Digital World, and the Digimon who live there…

Large-scale network malfunctions occur in the capital city area. Streetlights blink erratically, big screen advertisements are filled with garbled text. The news reports it as cyber terrorism.

The main character is fifth grader Taichi Yagami, who lives in a high-rise apartment building in the Tokyo suburbs. He has stayed at home alone in order to prepare for his summer camp at the end of the week, but his mother and younger sister Hikari who have gone out to Shibuya are trapped inside a moving train that can’t be braked. Taichi hurries to Shibuya to save his mom and sister, but the moment he heads to the train station platform… Something strange happens and Taichi finds himself in the Digital World!

The children meet their Digimon partners and face an unknown “adventure”…!

V-Jump, Translation from With the Will

So a modern day Digimon Adventure; no summer camp, and, again, no Hikari (at least initially). Also, Shibuya, once again, is a place where we’re sending children to the Digital World. Oops.

Another thing we can assume is that this is aimed at children and new fans like Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, and not older fans like Digimon Adventure Tri and Kizuna. Meaning, if Appmon and Tri is anything to go by, I’ll enjoy this one more.

Also, no Odaiba? So will Digimon fans start celebrating Shibuya Day now too?

Before we start, I have one prediction for the new Digimon Adventure series: Something happens in Digimon Adventure Kizuna that causes the reboot.

We also know they get updated clothes – Yamato seems to be wearing his jumper from one of the movies.

New Digimon Adventure Hopes

More focus on other non-Taichi/Yamato

Digimon Adventure wasn’t as guilty as other Digimon seasons (Digimon Frontier) in terms of only giving time for the red oni and blue oni of the series, but there are still some points that focused far too much on either Taichi or Yamato in the original.

My main example of this is a moment that the Digimon Adventure novels corrected: in the ShogunGekomon episode of Adventure, MetalGreymon won, in the Novel, Togemon evolved for the first time and won the fight.

Essentially, what I want is moments like these to be corrected or improved.

Branching Evolution Paths and Megas For All

Okay, this is a super unlikely mechanic to show up in the anime; we’ve seen split evolutions like Armour Evolutions, Dark Evolutions, and Human and Beast Spirit Evolution, but it would be fairly cool to see new evolutions for the Adventure kids.

I’m bundling in the Ultimate/Mega levels for all the children under this heading too.

Original Chosen Back Story and Lore

In the poster, I interpret whatever is going on with Hikari to be possibly Homeostasis communicating with her. I’d love to know more about all that since it was fairly interesting to me as the children.

In addition, now we know more about the original chosen children, maybe we could actually have more parts in Adventure to do with them? We know Homeostasis has interacted with the chosen before (Maki), so maybe more of an explanation as to why Hikari and Maki were chosen. Also more about the Holy Beasts, it’s weird that the chosen have spoken to QingLongmon and two of the original chosen, but nobody in series has addressed that.

Also let’s make Yamato and Takeru’s Dad an original chosen, yeah?

While we’re at it, maybe we could learn more about what Piedmon put in Gennai’s back? Dark Spore?

new digimon adventure gennai dark spore

More Character Interactions

Both between the human characters and between the human characters and partner Digimon – let’s have more character development for both the human and Digimon.

We didn’t get much originally in terms of the Digimon’s individual personalities outside of their human partner, and we only had limited cases of a Digimon interacting with another human who wasn’t their partner (Mimi and Tentomon, Koushiro and Palmon – it was precious).

Other Season Throwbacks and Easter Eggs

We had a few of these in Appmon, so it’s not an unlikely hope, but I’d really like to see a few minor references to older seasons, either visual or otherwise, it would be great as a slight nod to the older fans watching, despite the likely ‘younger demographic’ as I mentioned earlier.

So what are you hoping for in the new Digimon Adventure series? Are you excited, worried, bored? Let me know in the comments!

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