ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: I is For…

Digimon World was a pretty hard game – hours spent in fumbling around – but it was mostly enjoyable. I’m pretty sure I got stuck in Speedy Time Zone, where I met this Digimon…

I is For…



Digimon sure does love colour variations – when Insekimon showed up in Digimon Savers as Gotsumon’s evolutons, even the main characters point out that he just changed colour!

Insekimon’s dub name is Meteormon, which is a direct translation as ‘inseki’ (隕石)means ‘meteorite’.

Honestly, I think I prefer Monochromon as Gotsumon’s adult form, while some variation between evolved forms is nice, a height increase and a colour change is far too normal.

Insekimon is a fairly early Digimon, debuting in 1999 in Digimon World and then a few months later in Booster set 3 of the card game, so it’s weird to me that he didn’t appear in the anime until episode 39 of Digimon Frontier which aired in 2003.

Gotsumon has pretty much appeared in every season of Digimon – he’s only not appeared in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters and Digimon Adventure Tri, but Insekimon has only appeared in two seasons: Digimon Frontier and Digimon Savers, so I feel kind of sorry for his white older brother.

Also don’t get this Digimon confused with Icemon – they’re very different Digimon; one is whiter. While ‘inseki’ means ‘meteorite’, ‘ice’ means, well, ‘ice’. Icemon appeared in Xros Wars, but also debuted in Digimon World.

Something that Digimon World seems to love is to have colour variations throughout the game – I feel the majority of Digimon in the game have some form of colour variation – Icemon was ALSO in Digimon World, though I barely remember him as I doubt I got up to Freeze Land as a kid.

I’ve already spoken about NiseDrimogemon twice and normal Drimogemon once which were also colour variations that appeared in Digimon World and Digimon World 2003, so maybe I just have a theme at this point.

In general, Speedy Time Zone, along with the swamp, gives me some pretty infuriating memories filled with a lot of Digimon death, but I guess nostalgia isn’t always brought on by positive memories.

Though, I have similar feelings about Coelamon, the Penmon colour variations, and essentially every Digimon that appeared in the mangrove area in Digimon World.

Who is the most nostalgic Digimon that starts with the letter ‘I’ in your opinion?

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