ABCs of Underrated Digimon: N is For…

‘D’ went straight to Deramon without any competition, but if it hadn’t existed there was another. However, for N, I decided to use its variant which gives me feelings about Digimon World.
N is for ‘Nostalgia’ but also N is For…
Nise Drimogemon

It’s Drimogemon but ADD A MUSTACHE!
As a kid, I couldn’t really get very far into Digimon World when I first played it – it was really, really hard! My first attempts only ever got into the tunnel and mountain with the Drimogemon and Meramon so whenever I see Drimogemon and Nise Drimogemon, I’m filled with this happy and nostalgic feeling and remember the small child renting Digimon World from the VideoEzy every week who would absentmindedly chew on the PSone’s analogue sticks.
I like Nise Drimogemon as, all things considered, it’s a pretty lazy species variation, but it somehow has such charm to it – a darker shade of purple and a twirly mustache. Why

So what’s your favourite Digimon starting with the letter ‘N’?

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