ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: D is For…

This is another easy one to choose, and was a runner-up for dumb designs AND underrated Digimon but another won both positions, but now I finally get to talk about him for nostalgic Digimon!

D is For…


nostalgic digimon drimogemon

As I mentioned above; I’ve chosen Nise Drimogemon for a dumb design and an underrated Digimon, and both times it was because Drimogemon wasn’t chosen for the letter D and now I can finally choose him! Rejoice!

I was first introduced to Drimogemon in Digimon World in the Drill Tunnel and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous Digimon’s design – it’s like some kind of land Narwhal. He was purple and looked super soft. I remember getting stuck in Drill Tunnel and was unsure what to do, so I have a lot of memories spending time down there with the constant drilling sounds from various Drimogemon.

Drimogemon has appeared in the majority of the anime seasons – except for maybe Tamers and Frontier.
And here’s some fun trivia – Drimogemon had the last black gear ever seen in Digimon Adventure.

In addition, Drimogemon, has actually appeared in the majority of the Digimon games – even if it was just an appearance as an in game collectable. I can’t recall many other ‘monster of the week’ Digimon who have done so.

Drimogemon is actually probably one of my most favourite Digimon overall – however, there are other Digimon that start with ‘D’ that I like a smidgen more such as Derumon, so I was a little worried I would never get to talk about him in any of these ABCs of.

Drimogemon strikes so much nostalgia for me, and, for a matter of fact, any Digimon that was featured heavily in either Digimon World or Digimon World 2003 is a huge source of nostalgia. I played DW before I watched the anime, so that might be a reason why the games and virtual pets provide more nostalgia for me.

So who’s the most nostalgic Digimon for you that begins with the letter ‘D’?

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