Digimon Cosplay Guide #3: Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay

Here is a super easy one – a Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay. I haven’t cosplayed him much, but I actually threw this one together to watch the fifth part of Digimon Adventure Tri!

Yamato is a much, much cheaper and easier cosplay than both Eri and Taichi, which makes him a perfect cosplay to quickly pull together for a costume party.

How to cosplay as Yamato from Digimon Adventure cheaply

cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #3: Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay
“Matt is just tooo cool…”

When we look at Yamato, you can instantly see why he’s a pretty easy cosplay – he’s actually wearing normal clothes and normal shoes compared to the rest of the cast of Digimon Adventure (except for Koushiro, but I’ll get to him another day).

In addition to his clothes being normal, there aren’t any emblems or any form of design on any part of his clothing, he doesn’t wear a hat – he’s just normal.

There aren’t even that many expensive optional extras; just the crest, Digivice (same story as the Taichi cosplay), and plushie of some kind, and, of course, a harmonica;

  • Tag and Crest: Bandai released an official set for all eight of the Adventure chosen a few years ago, which is what I use for my cosplay. However, it may be cheaper and easier to make your own or buy them off somebody on Etsy, such as Chinook Crafts.
  • Digivice: Bandai has released a few of these over the years, both as CSA props and pedometer toys, but you can make your own or buy one on Etsy as mentioned for the Digivice.
  • Plush: For my Yamato from Digimon Adventure cosplay, I’ve used the PC Buddy Gabumon, but you can commision them or buy them on various places online. Thankfully, as with Agumon, Gabumon has had various official plus toy releases, so he won’t be too hard to find.
  • Contacts: Still a no for me, but if you want to wear them, go nuts. Luckily I was born with blue eyes for this one though!
  • Harmonica: Can be bought for a few dollars on eBay, because it’s a prop, you don’t really need to hunt down a high quality one – I just bought a five dollar one on eBay. I’ve seen people use fake harmonicas for this, and, as I said, you don’t really need a high quality nor a working one, so it really depends on your budget and how quickly you need it. You could also just try the local stores, it’s a pretty easy to grab prop – and makes photo shoots look broody!

Of course, these above items are optional and are mainly for posing in photo shoots.

List for a Yamato from Digimon Adventure cosplay

  • Blue jeans that are long enough to roll up: These are a great Dimon cosplay staple – you could use the same pair for Sora from Adventure as well as Ruki from Tamers, or, you could just wear them for your day to day life. Obviously this is an easy item to grab, your local clothing store should have a large supply for relatively cheap. ~10AUD
  • Green sleeveless turtle neck (preferably wool): While this may seem like an odd one, I was able to buy one easily off eBay, they also have various colours. As of writing this, the first result I get on eBay is this one. If you don’t want to buy this online, you can easily just get any sleeveless green shirt and add a green elastic headband as we did for the Taichi cosplay. ~10AUD
  • Brown gloves: Another relatively easy one – eBay or any clothing store. I used brown texting gloves for mine. ~2AUD
  • Brown shoes: For the shoes, I used plain brown boots that I already owned at the time. The length doesn’t matter due to the jeans, which makes this item a pretty easy one to shop for. Again, there’s no emblem or design – they’re just plain and brown. ~15AUD
  • Wig: A blonde wig isn’t a hard one to come by. If you can’t find one that’s designed for Yamato, any brooding blonde character’s wig should do. If I recall correctly, the one I used was actually for Cloud Strife. As per the Taichi cosplay, you may need hairspray to keep it styled, especially if you intend on re-wearing it. I’ve also gone around as Yamato without a wig before, so if you have blonde hair, you may not even need to wear a wig. ~15AUD

Now we’ve gathered everything for the cosplay, we’re done! We just need to put it on!

In total, not including any optional props, it may cost around 50AUD at most.

Cosplay rating
Cost: 4/5
Ease: 5/5
Look: 5/5

So how does it look? Here’s mine from the above bits and pieces. It’s been a while since I cosplayed him, so these are all older photos. The wig has appeared to flatten over its many uses though, so it needs a touch up.

  • Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #3: Yamato from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay

Let me know if you have your own Yamato from Digimon Adventure cosplay (Yamato from any season works too), or, even if you went for a more expensive option – I’d love to see it!

What other characters would you like to see a cheap and easy cosplay of? Please let me know in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire me to create something new or bring out an older cosplay I already have.

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