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Digimon Cosplay Guide #2: Taichi from Digimon Adventure Cosplay

I love cosplaying Taichi, he’s recognisable and fun to cosplay, not to mention, how simple and affordable it can be.

So, like my Eri cosplay guide, I thought I’d write one for a cheap and easy Taichi from Digimon Adventure Cosplay.

How to cosplay as Taichi from Digimon Adventure cheaply

First, as we did with Eri, let’s look at his clothes.

Tai from Digimon Adventure cosplay reference

So, what we see is we have a blue shirt, brown shorts, white gloves, white socks, one black arm band, blue headband, and mostly white runners – these are all really easy to buy both online and it store.

The harder and possibly more expensive parts would be the goggles, and possibly the wig.

As for extras, we have his Digivice, his tag and crest, and perhaps a Koromon or Agumon plush toy.

There’s also the obvious alterations to be made for the shirt.

As per the Eri Karan from Appmon cosplay, let’s go through the expensive but optional parts first. These are more props for photos more than anything else.

  • Tag and Crest: Bandai released an official set for all eight of the Adventure chosen a few years ago, which is what I use for my cosplay. However, it may be cheaper and easier to make your own or buy them off somebody on Etsy, such as Chinook Crafts.
  • Digivice: Bandai has released a few of these over the years, both as CSA props and pedometer toys, but you can make your own or buy one on Etsy as mentioned for the Digivice.
  • Plush: For my Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay, I typically use my Agumon backpack that my good friend Sam sent me. It’s useful as I can carry stuff in it AND it looks great. I’ve also used larger Agumon plushes as well as a Koromon plush. You can commision them or buy them on various places online. Thankfully Agumon has had various official plus toy releases, so he won’t be hard to find.
  • Contacts: Still a no for me, but if you want to wear them, go nuts.

As I mentioned, the above three items are optional.

List for a Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay

  • Goggles: Bandai released an official pair a few years ago, which I obviously snapped up, but you could make a pair or just buy some similar goggles online. Hell, I’ve seen people customise swimming goggles and have them look great. Let’s estimate this as being ~20AUD
  • Blue shirt: Easy, just needs to be short sleeved and the right shade of blue. Mine even was collared, not that you can tell. ~5AUD
  • Black arm band: I already had a pair of these for RSI. You can get them from a chemist. ~2AUD
  • White gloves: Again, easy, I recommend getting some ones you can use your phone with, you can find them on eBay easily – they’re called texting gloves. ~2AUD
  • White socks: This is very easy, online, in store, plain white socks, the longer and looser the better, but any normal-length white socks will do. ~2AUD
  • Brown shorts: I got mine on eBay but they’re just normal brown shorts. They’re comfortable and easy to wear. ~5AUD
  • Blue headband: Cheap on eBay, but can also be bought easily in store, just make sure it’s the right colour and is large enough so that it can be seen under the goggles. You can get a large elastic headband and fold it. ~2AUD
  • Wig: The good thing is that a Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay is common enough that you’ll find pre-styled wigs on eBay cheaply and easily. ~15AUD
  • Runners: Thankfully, Tai’s shoes in Digimon Adventure are pretty standard, you could either buy a close-enough pair, or just any white pair and colour in the blue and yellow bits in a similar way we made Eri’s shoes in the previous guide. ~10AUD

That’s the basics sorted, now what about getting the shirt and making it look like an actual Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay?

You’ll need to grab a few extra items

  • Orange felt and yellow felt: My mother is a former art teacher, so she had a lot of supplies. I was able to use her felt to modify the shirt – cut out some shapes and sew or glue them onto the shirt – My mother actually did this for my birthday a few years ago as I couldn’t sew at the time. ~5AUD
  • A yellow headband: When buying your blue headband, buy a yellow one too. This isn’t for your hair though! Put it around your neck (or even sew it to the shirt) ~2AUD

And of course…

  • Hair spray: Your wig will eventually flatten no matter if you buy it pre styled or style it yourself, so keep that in mind!

So, overall, for the entire Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay, not including the optional extras, the cost should be around 70AUD. Not too bad. With the extras it would still probably sit at under around 150-200AUD.

Cosplay rating
Cost: 3/5
Ease: 4/5
Look: 5/5

So how does it look? Here’s mine from the above bits and pieces. Keep in mind I’m fairly new-ish to cosplay. My Mum did the sewing, so that’s why I’ve rated the look so high. My own sewing is passable at best, I made an extremely cheap and easy Ruki from Tamers cosplay last year and sewed the shirt, which looks fine, but you can tell that I sewed it myself. Maybe I’ll do that next.

  • cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #2: Taichi from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay
  • cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #2: Taichi from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay
  • Tai from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • Tai from Digimon Adventure Cosplay

Let me know if you have your own Taichi from Digimon Adventure cosplay (or Taichi from any season, for that matter!), or, even if you went for a more expensive option – I’d love to see it!

What other characters would you like to see a cheap and easy cosplay of? Please let me know in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire me to create something new. I have a few other budget and lazy Digimon cosplays, so maybe I’ll bring them out.

I’ve only done Ruki from Tamers, and Izzy, Matt, and Kari from Adventure, but one day I’d love to attempt to cosplay Yolei from 02.

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