Tri to be Excited #2 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 2: Determination

Four days to go!
Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 2 was where the plot really started to take off; we learnt more about the infection, the Chosen Children welcomed Meiko into the group, we learn a little more about Maki and Daigo’s relationship, and we get our first death (and of course, it’s a Leomon!).

The overall focus of the plot of Chapter 2 was Mimi and Jyou and their struggles; Mimi with her rampant and impulsive enthusiasm and people’s reactions to it (something that I can relate to) and Jyou’s anxiety about his future (something that is carried over from fears he has in Adventure).
My highlight in Determination is one I feel is probably shared by many; the ‘bridge in the rain’ scene.
The atmosphere is heart breaking with how Jyou has tried to run away from his problems and has been arguing with Gomamon and Mimi feels anxiety from simply being herself and being enthusiastic and passionate.
The two air their frustrations with themselves to each other, ultimately setting the scene for movie’s climax where both Jyou and Mimi’s partner Digimon are finally able to evolve to Ultimate – something that many fans have waited for since Adventure.
The rain pours down violently and a concerned Hikari watches heart-broken and helpless from a distance.
I’ve heard that this scene in particular resonates with a lot of viewers for different reasons – some are sympathetic with Jyou wondering where his place in the world, while others understand Mimi’s anxiety about her own personality, and others understand the onlooking Hikari, seeing her friends in such anguish and feeling unable to do anything.
Mimi’s impulsive excited nature resonates with me as it’s something I’ve always had to deal with as many people have been frustrated by this.
Mimi realises that this is part of her nature, and, despite the fact her classmates are annoyed, she was actually able to motivate Meiko into doing something she enjoyed even though she wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for Mimi.
It was nice to see Mimi and Jyou have somewhat relating issues and be supportive friends to each other as I always found they had a nice dynamic and were supportive to each other in the Dark Masters arc in Adventure.
Their crests are also a little similar – so much so that the English dub gave Joe’s crest to Mimi.
Joe’s crest is being true to others and standing by your word, while Mimi’s crest is about being true to yourself and genuine.
What was your favourite moment in Determination? Did this scene resonate with you? Which character’s troubles resonated with you the most?

One thought on “Tri to be Excited #2 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 2: Determination

  1. Chakmon says:

    So, call me super shallow but, I decided that after Determination gave me some niiiiiiiiice Taichi fanservice at the onsen, I am happy with this movie and everything else is just icing on the cake at this point. I’m a fan of slice-of-life, and I appreciate how it’s being worked in here despite all that is happening so that we have an avenue to link Meiko to the group. I can’t remember if the ferris wheel thing happened in this movie or Reunion (I thought it was Determination) but it was so precious! While a bigger Taisuke fan, I’ll take Taito elements (a ferris wheel… so romantic) when carried out this well….
    So the real part of this movie, Jyou and Mimi’s stories were great, though TBH I felt Mimi’s was a bit tacked-on to gel Meiko with the group more. Jyou and Gomamon fighting was so sad. I think this movie climaxed well with both issues, and I can definitely identify with Jyou’s issues. But Gomamon is such a cool friend, I think I would have given in to my love for Gomamon a lot quicker than Jyou did. With Gomamon, everthing will be fine Jyou. … I can also appreciate Hikari’s posiion with the Jyou/Mimi discussion. Hikari is pretty confusing and complex though… I don’t get her a lot of the time…

What are your thoughts?