Tri to be Excited #3 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3: Confession

Three days left!
The first ‘trailer’ for Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3 came out at the end of one of the PVs for Chapter 2. In this short trailer we were shown Patamon saying goodbye to Takeru and Takeru crying out for him.
This short sneakpeak gave fans a warning months and months prior to Confession’s release that Chapter 3 would probably break out hearts.

While Reunion introduced us to the story and showed us where the Chosen Children were at in life and Determination marked the end of the ‘introduction’ arc, Confession is where the plot well and truly kicks off with a heart-breaking bang.
Koushiro and Takeru are the centre of this chapter; Koushiro is trying to find a cure and a cause for the infection while Takeru learns that Patamon has been infected which he tries to keep a secret from the other chosen.
This Chapter, along with Chapter 2, are my favourite movies in the Tri series.
One of my favourite things about Tri is how the series brings underlying issues that the characters had in Adventure and gives them a more adult view.
Similarly to Joe’s anxiety and fear about his future in Determination, Confession takes Takeru’s fear of losing which we’ve seen in both Adventure and 02 and just absolutely runs with it.
There are two moments in Confession that really stand out whenever I look back on the film; Patamon being taken over by the infection and biting Takeru as Takeru holds him tightly in his arms and the scene where the partner Digimon all become infected and Tentomon finally evolves to his Ultimate form.
The latter is my highlight for Chapter 3.
There’s so much about this scene that just breaks the viewers heart; the music, the fact that all the partner Digimon have become infected and are fighting each other, the Chosen Children watching in anguish, Koushiro being sleep deprived and still fighting to cure the infection, HerculesKabuterimon carrying all his infected friends into the portal as the reboot timer ticks down, and, finally, the silence as the timer reaches 0.
It’s a beautiful, albeit, heart-breaking moment and it’s honestly hard to describe how wonderfully done this scene.
Many, myself included, feel that this scene should have been the last scene in Confession so the last scene would have just been the words ‘REBOOT COMPLETE’ – ending on a bittersweet note rather than a cliffhanger as the next ten minutes don’t feel as flat.
What was your favourite moment in Confession? Which moment broke your heart the most?

One thought on “Tri to be Excited #3 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 3: Confession

  1. Chakmon says:

    I also love Takeru. And while I know the crests are dumb, I can’t help but view Takeru thru the lense of his crest. As somone that struggles with despression, Hope, to me has always been the hardest crest to grasp in practice. I think the saddest moments were many: Patamon biting Takeru and Takeru hiding it. All the moments with Takeru and Patamon hopelessly in his bedroom with the shades drawn (this just seemed so unlike Takeru, who is typically a happier guy, that it resonated so much more given the gravity of the circumstances) and possibly my favorite pick for saddest moment, when Patamon confronts the other Digimon about being infected. How does Hope play into this mess?? Why should Takeru and Patamon have to suffer this?? Sad….
    Koushiro’s exhaustion. His tired insensitivity and arguing with Mimi, and moreso Tentomon’s housekeeping and support role throughout were bitterly endearing. HerculesKabuterimon’s actions were epic, and the music really delivered the scene. The growing suspicions with Maki really kept me involved with wanting to see what happens and why.
    Confession was a huge, needed turn to move the story, and in contrast to Determination, and the early PV release for Confession to keep people tuned-in, I think it played itself well. I think the flatness at the end worked to develop an empty feeling of the consequences of what happened, but I could go either way with the idea of ending on REBOOT COMPLETE.
    After three movies I’m still left wondering (by myself it seems) what happened to Daisuke!?!

What are your thoughts?