Wandering Across the Rainbow Chopsticks #7: Nausicaä of the Vocab of the Wind

I watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind last night for ‘The Great Ghibli Gander’ and, as I intend to do during this venture, I have written down a few bits of vocab from watching the movie.
I’ll try to get these supplementary posts out within a few days of having my main post out but this one I was able to write up and publish pretty quickly.

First of all, the title has some fairly easy Kanji which is found in the first few levels of WaniKan – 風の谷のナウシカ. Wind (風) and Valley (谷).
風 (かぜ)is from N5 and WaniKani level 7.
While 谷 (たに) is from N3 and from WaniKani level 5.
I’ve come across 風 in a few vocab words across my studies (For example, in WaniKani, I learnt 風船 in level 7 which means balloon and is read more or less as ‘wind boat’ and 和風 (WK level 9) and 洋風 (WK level 11) meaning Japanese style and Western style respectively)  but I can’t actually recall learning any vocab containing 谷 besides 谷 itself so far.
ナウシカ is obviously Nausicaä (read as Nawashika).
And then we have the possessive particle の meaning that the title is read literally as Nawashika of Valley of Wind.
Easy stuff, easily translated title with easy Kanji. My favourite.
Now, with the title out of the way, we can move onto pieces of vocab I heard often during the film.
帰えり (かえり) means ‘go back’ or ‘return’ and is often used in the movie when Nausicaa is telling an enraged insect to return to the forest.
Nausicaa herself is called Princess – ひめさま.
A piece of vocab that I caught but have not heard of before is bad things – ひどりもの.
When Nausicaa is knocked out, she has a memory of her father where he calls her over with おいで  meaning basically ‘come here’. I believe this is rather casual and informal.
Another piece of vocab that I caught were 何もない (なにもない)meaning nothing which is used when a young Nausicaa is trying to keep a small baby Ohmu from being killed by some humans.
I also caught another way to say ‘How are you’ – 気分はどう?
I tried to catch the word meaning strange that Nausicaa says before 所  (ところ-place) when she sees the area underneath the Sea of Decay, but I was unable to find anything.
As for where my study is at, it’s been a few weeks since my last post for WARC (the last post was at the start of April and now we’re nearly in May), so I obviously hit my WaniKani goal of working on Level 10, but I’m still around Lesson 4 of Genki as I’ve been pretty busy. I haven’t really been doing much on WaniKani either considering I’ve spent ten days on Level 11 of WaniKani. I’ve been punching through reviews as I get them but I didn’t touch the lessons in Level 11 for a few days.
Lately it seems to take me around ten or eleven days per level of WaniKani, though I will probably reach Level 12 today, meaning it will have taken me around two weeks to complete the level.
However I’ve been keeping up with Memrise, Duolingo, and LingoDeer reviews and lessons as they come up, but study-wise I’ve been doing the bare minimum of clearing out reviews and hitting my daily goal with all my apps.
Hopefully this changes soon, as I believe the reason I’ve been so slack is that I usually do extra lessons and study when I’m on my exercise bike which I hadn’t done for a while as I badly sprained my ankle on the 8th, though I’m almost fully recovered now and even started running again!
By a week from now, because saying ‘by my next post’ means goals could be too easy to achieve depending on the time between posts, I want to be finished with my lessons in Level 12 and going through reviews to finish the level and I want to finish the content in Lesson 4 of Genki.

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