5 Strange Digimon Sprites That Differ From Their Art

I’ve been on a bit of a virtual pet kick again lately – I’m running 7 virtual pets and acting like it’s a completely normal thing to do. While some sprites are really accurate, I’ve noticed there are a few strange Digimon sprites that really do not match the Digimon it’s meant to represent.

I was able to easily find a huge list of strange Digimon sprites or sprites that somehow differ from their art, so I thought I’d share five of these now.

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Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digimon Pendulum Progress

A new fortnight means a new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time participants can raise either a Digimon Pendulum Progress or the Pendulum X.

I have all versions of both devices, but honestly have not played either as both are fairly annoying, demanding, and difficult, but for this hatch, I chose the Digimon Pendulum Progress: Dragon’s Roar, because, as humulos of the DDC accurately described it; “Pendulum Progress: At least it’s not the Pendulum X!”

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5 Unpopular and Unique Digimon Virtual Pets

I’m a pretty big fan of virtual pets, especially Digimon ones. I often get asked about my favourite virtual pet, which is always a hard decision (however, I usually answer with the Digital Monster Ver 20th).

However, there are a few items in my collection that I may not use much, but have a soft spot for, as these are the lesser known and more unique Digimon virtual pets, however, nobody really talks to them because, they’re well, lesser known and unique Digimon virtual pets that are unpopular or lesser known because of being a limited release or an awkwardly timed release, or just, for some reason, aren’t that popular.

So that’s why I’ve decided to write a bit of a run down on some of the unpopular or otherwise lesser known-about and possibly more unique Digimon virtual pets that are out there.

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