30 Day Virtual Pet Challenge digimon tamagotchi virtual pets vpets

30 Day Virtual Pet Challenge!

June is nearly upon us and, due to a virtual pet kick, I’ve created a 30 day virtual pet challenge!

How to participate in the 30 Day Virtual Pet Challenge

30 Day Virtual Pet Challenge digimon tamagotchi

Answer each of the prompts in the image above in each day and post your responses online somewhere. Your responses can be in any format; tweets, blog posts, photos, videos, etc!

You can post about Digimon, Tamagotchis, or any virtual pets you can think of!

I’m unsure if I will be answering as blog posts, similar to how I covered the leadup to Kizuna, or if I should try doing daily video updates.

If you’re using social media, use the tag #30DaysOfVpets so I can check out your answers!

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