Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25

Continuing on with the rewatch of Digimon Adventure for the Digimon subreddit in the leadup to the Digimon Adventure Reboot coming in April, here’s my Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25 review!

Opening thoughts

I want to write a post…a post that’ll wake you up~

Mimi’s time to shine, and by shine I mean her crest shines, but don’t worry, we won’t get an evolution like we did for the previous two episodes! Tai will save the day, because that’s necessary, apparently.

“Princess Karaoke”
(“The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon”)

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25 Review

It makes no sense for Tai to narrate the recap, he wasn’t there.

Tai, Joe, and their Digimon are paddling a swan boat and they reach a huge palace. Tai says that it must be Mimi. No idea how he knows. Gekomon and Otamamon are struggling to keep a Princess happy. They all think that Tai and the others are deliveries that they ordered for the Princess. Turns out the Princess is Mimi.

Meanwhile, DemiDevimon is talking to Myotismon and says how Mimi’s crest won’t glow with her being spoilt at the palace.

Mimi doesn’t want to leave and, after an argument, Mimi demands that they be kicked out. Gekomon explains why they need Mimi after taking them to see ShogunGekomon, their ruler, who is in a coma and has been for the past 300 years because he lost a Karaoke content. DemiDevimon had told them that Mimi has a beautiful voice and would be able to wake ShogunGekomon. Mimi helped them, but she forgot the words the first time and was treated so well she ended up never singing.

Tai comes up with a plan that they should sing and wake up ShogunGekomon. Joe’s is the best.

Tai: "I'm gonna sing a song, a song that will wake you up, I'm gonna belt it now! Shogunmon, It's time to get UP!!!!!"
Joe: "I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that'll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon that are loyal to your world view and the idea of you being in charge. I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that'll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon…"
Agumon and Gomamon: "I croon this song to you! A tune from now until June! When you hear us sing, you'll call us singing buffoons! We just wanna wake you! So don't close your ears! Or you can sleep for years!"

Y’know it’s funny in the dub how they already said that Mimi was a bad singer.

Anyway, Palmon ends up wanting to help them and tries to trick her into singing into a tape recording, but Mimi notices the cord leading to Tai and the others. She throws them in jail. Tai asks if she’s forgotten about the Crest of Sincerity. WHO TOLD TAI IT WAS CALLED THAT? Palmon calls Mimi a spoilt brat, so she ends up in jail too.

Sora is watching. Mimi is having a nightmare about being chased by evil Digimon and everyone leaves her and won’t help. Sora talks to Mimi while she sleeps, and Mimi wakes up with her crest glowing.

Mimi has decided to sing a song after apologising to everyone. ShogunGekomon wakes up and, surprise surprise, starts to attack. Palmon evolves to Togemon, but isn’t enough so Tai evolves Greymon to MetalGreymon who fights, gives us ‘Hey Digimon’, and wins because it’s not a Mimi episode or anything. It was fixed in the novelisation.

Myotismon is, again, chastising DemiDevimon for failing.

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25

Rating for my Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25


I am fairly mixed when it comes to this episode; while it’s a fairly good episode, it has a problem of Tai evolving his Digimon to MetalGreymon and winning the fight with ShougunGekomon rather than Mimi being able to evolve Togemon due to her crest activating this episode.

This issue is fixed in the novelisation which only makes the episode seem worse. Why can’t Mimi battle in her OWN episode? Why does it have to be Tai?

So what were your thoughts on your rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 25? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

We’ll be moving on to episodes 27-31 next week. If you are following along, let us know your thoughts and what you think of the rewatch so far!

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