ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: E is For…

Here’s another super easy Digimon to choose that dates back to a time before I knew that Digimon had an anime and only knew a handful of Digimon without names.

E is For…


nostalgic digimon elecmon

My introduction to the Digimon franchise, as I’ve mentioned many, many times before, was the Digimon virtual pets.
I’m not sure if it was just the Primary School I went to, but Digimon wasn’t even mentioned as a TV show, it was only known as the virtual pet.

Not knowing the source material also meant we didn’t even know the names of each creature for a pretty long time.
Ball, Devil, Angel, Teddy, Alien, Poo, and, of course, who could possibly forget everybody’s favourite, Dickhead?

When we DID learn the names of each Digital Monster, we were wrong. Garurumon was MetalGarurumon, and, for some reason Elecmon, well, Elecmon was Betamon. It was before a lot of us had access to the internet, so we sort of just knew what we heard.

We didn’t know that there were different versions but we also didn’t know about evolution paths and was really confused when my Digimon evolved in Birdramon instead of Angemon.

Anyway enough about what six year olds didn’t know, I want to recount the time I first saw Elecmon.

Funnily enough, I know Elecmon is in Digimon World (and is also an obtainable Digimon), but I have no recollection of him from the game. All of my nostalgia exclusively comes from the virtual pets, probably because of how my first encounter with him stuck in my mind.

When I was about six or so, I had frequent hospital visits where I had very awful eye drops during appointments where they would test my eyes out and check them out. It was pretty not fun but I think I found enjoyment in going somewhere I didn’t typically go.

One time, and I believe this was the only time I met somebody my own age that I could talk to in the waiting room, I met a boy with a Digital Monster version 2. I immediately strolled over and challenged him to battle, as you do.

However, he had a Digimon I had never seen before.
I mainly only got Gabumon and Angemon and had seen people at school with Devimon and Meramon. I had never seen this Digimon – Elecmon. My companion got called in by the doctor pretty soon after and I remember his cheer when he won the battle as he walked off to see the doctor.

I decided that the Digimon I had just seen must clearly be the strongest one.

I have no idea why that moment stuck in my mind, but it did.

For some reason, when I first watched Digimon Adventure, my brain didn’t even connect this event with the Elecmon on the screen.

While previously , I have mentioned that Drimogemon was a Digimon who really brings out a pretty strong sense of nostalgia because of his appearance in Digimon World, and the same goes for Bearmon and Digimon World 2003, Elecmon is one of those Digimon because of the feeling of mystery that surrounded him in that moment.

Elecmon is also just super cute and powerful, so, there’s also that.

So who’s the most nostalgic Digimon for you that begins with the letter ‘E’?

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2 thoughts on “ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: E is For…

  1. Viktor says:

    Digimon vpets came out waaaay before the show (they ARE the source material!) so it’s not that surprising you knew about them first before the anime. They are from 1997 while the first anime movie came out in 1999.

  2. Airdramon says:

    We didn’t actually get them here until around 2000-2001, so the show was on at the time – it was only during the Dark Masters Arc that I realised it was a show, and that was a few months after learning about the toys.

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