Digimon Cosplay Guide #4: Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay

Another super easy one that you could throw together quickly – a Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay.

I threw this one together a few years ago, so my photos are all kind of old (and the wig is far too long…), but it’s definetly one of the easiest and cheapest cosplays I’ve ever done, second only to Yamato, because Koushiro has weird shoes.

So how do we create this prodigious cosplay?

How to cosplay as Kouhshiro from Digimon Adventure cheaply

cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #4: Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay

For the most part, we can see that most of Koushiro’s attire can be found at any clothing store – single colour collared shirt, brown shorts, gloves, and socks. The only thing that adds any level of difficulty are the shoes.

I won’t be posting much as I’m going on a short holiday soon, so this may be the last one for about a week, so let’s make it count.

As always, let’s start with the optional extras – the items that are mainly props for photoshoots.

  • Tag and Crest: Bandai released an official set for all eight of the Adventure chosen a few years ago, which is what I use for my cosplay. However, it may be cheaper and easier to make your own or buy them off somebody on Etsy, such as Chinook Crafts.
  • Digivice: Bandai has released a few of these over the years, both as CSA props and pedometer toys, but you can make your own or buy one on Etsy as mentioned for the Digivice.
  • Plush: I use a very old Tentomon plushie.
  • Contacts: Still a no for me, but if you want to wear them, go nuts. Though it doesn’t seem Koushiro even have irises…
  • Digimon Analyser: Can be the original 1999 toy, a 3D printed version, a laptop cover or case, I’ve seen a really great looking cardboard one. You can go as cheap or expensive as you like.

List for a Koushiro from Digimon Adventure cosplay

  • Brown Shorts: I use the exact same shorts for my Koushiro cosplay as my Taichi cosplay because they’re not too different. These are easy to find and shouldn’t cost you too much online or in store. Lazy and frugal. ~$5AUD
  • Orange collared shirt: I actually bought this when I bought my shirt for Taichi – same type of shirt, different colour. Lazy. ~$5AUD
  • Yellow gloves: I recommend getting some ones you can use your phone with, you can find them on eBay easily – they’re called texting gloves. Though I’ve seen people legitimately use dishwashing gloves and they looked great. ~2AUD
  • Green socks: This is very easy, online, in store, as per my Taichi cosplay writeup, the longer and looser the better. ~2AUD
  • Shoes: I am very bad and lazy with shoes, I was amazed at making Eri’s work, so I can’t really offer much insight then this: purple shoes, black material, yellow material, glue gun. The only moderately complicated part of this cosplay. ~25AUD
  • Wig: eBay, party store, whatever. You’ll see in the images below that my wig is FAR too large and long making it hard to style. ~15AUD

All in all, how much is it? Around $55. Cheap and easy, but how does it look? It looks..okay.

  • cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #4: Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay
  • cosplay Digimon Cosplay Guide #4: Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay Cosplay
  • Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay
  • Koushiro from Digimon Adventure Cosplay

Cosplay rating
Cost: 5/5
Ease: 3/5
Look: 4/5

Let me know if you have your own Koushiro from Digimon Adventure cosplay ( Koushiro from any season works too), or, even if you went for a more expensive option – I’d love to see it!

What other characters would you like to see a cheap and easy cosplay of? Please let me know in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire me to create something new or bring out an older cosplay I already have. I’m actually building one at the moment – can you guess?

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