Favourite Chosen Friendship in Digimon

Leadup to Last Evolution #11: Favourite Chosen Friendship in Digimon

Following on from my last countdown post for the Kizuna Countdown, today I’m writing about my favourite chosen friendship in Digimon.

This is a hard one; none of the chosen really seem to have strong friendships with each other as they grow up and more or less seem to not really hang out as much when they’re not forced to be a team as the chosen children.

If I were to pick head canon best friends, I’d choose Miyako and Daisuke, because, in my mind, they would be the best of friends. However, we don’t really see that so much in that actual show.

I also can’t really pick any of the Jogress partners because, honestly, while there’s a bond or connection, I can’t really say any of them really qualify as a friendship.

So this it’s actually fairly hard to pick my favourite Chosen friendship in Digimon because there are none that truly stand out other than perhaps Koushiro and Taichi, however, even that friendship is more mentioned rather than actually shown.

After a while of thinking and looking over the children and their respective friendships, I came up with a firm answer.

Favourite Chosen Friendship in Digimon: Takeru and Hikari
Favourite Chosen Friendship in Digimon: Takeru and Hikari

I almost chose the friendship between Taichi and Sora as my favourite chosen friendship, but the relationship between Takeru and Hikari seems so much stronger and more meaningful.

Takeru and Hikari are always looking out for each other and seem to be the closest friendship amongst the children in Digimon Adventure Tri; while the other chosen seem fairly awkward around each other, the pair actually seem natural and close.

I don’t really ‘ship’ many characters in Digimon in terms of romance, but I really adore the platonic love between Takeru and Hikari, and I think that the friendship with Takeru is important for Hikari too, assuming that’s what her special Girl’s Day character song is about.

Because I’ll never forget your eyes
It’s too precious to be called love, right
Your eyes are still a precious thing
Surely and eternal reflection.

Reflection, Digimon Girls Festival CD

So which bond would you say is your favourite chosen friendship in Digimon? Let me know in the comments!

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