Best of Digimon Survey

As mentioned in a recent podcast episode, we are planning on running a survey with questions about the fandom’s favourite episodes and seasons.
We will be releasing this once the finale of Digimon Universe Appli Monsters has aired. The Appmon finale is airing this Saturday so expect to see another post with the survey within a few days of the episode airing!
We will post about this survey on social media as well as this website. I’ll also be posting about it on Reddit.
Please share this survey once we post it! Survey participation isn’t limited to listeners of our podcast!
I’m really hoping that the survey does well as the results could potentially be interesting. We can also use these results for future Digimon-related podcast episodes for Patreon milestones or as a future plan once we’ve finished covering Digimon (as well as our future Sailor Moon episodes).
So please, get excited! And make sure to check back for further news on this survey! This time next week it should be well and truly released (the survey has already been set up with every single episode of Digimon from Adventure to Appli Monsters).
Speaking of survey, we still have our blog content survey up and our weekly poll!

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