5 thoughts on “Episode 121 Weekly Poll

  1. Autumn says:

    Lilamon looks like a Lillymon who’s dressed for breezy Spring mornings as opposed to warm Summer afternoons. I’m not particularly fond of warm Summer afternoons. They cause ice cream to melt much too quickly.

  2. elyvorg says:

    Something that always bothers me about Digimon designs is how human a lot of them look. Lilimon could literally be a human in cosplay, apart from her face. Lilamon, on the other hand, is still humanoid but her flowerlike arms and legs give her a much more distinctly alien feel.
    (And if you described Lilimon to a mediocre artist, they’d definitely draw something closer to Lilimon than Lilamon, because they’d draw /a human/ with flowery parts stuck on top.)

  3. Chakmon says:

    Wow this voting is close! This could be an unknown hotly contested Digimon issue…. I picked Lilimon, if only for the boots. Where Lilamon is graceful, Lilimon is playful. I’d welcome in a beautiful serene summer morning with Lilamon; but I’d want to picnic with Lilimon. Of course, I’d trade them both to hangout with Palmon!

  4. Kyle says:

    I voted for Lilimon. Lilimon has more of the plant based fairy look about her, while Lilamon is just strange. Lilimon has recognizable hands and feet, very clear wings that look like wings and an awesome cannon that emerges from a blooming flower. Lilamon has weird flower things for hands and feet and shoots laser Cheerios. I think the flower of Lilamon’s back is supposed to be wings, but they don’t move so I can’t tell.
    Also, Lilamon looks like someone dumped a bowl of green spaghetti on her head and left the flower themed bowl there as a hat

  5. Vincent says:

    Lilimom is a much better digimon in my opinion. She actually has a decent design unlike Lilamon, who looks very unappealing to me and just a discount Lilimon. Lilimon is very cute and I enjoy how playful her personality is.

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