Tri to be Excited #1 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1: Reunion

Five days to go!
As I mentioned last week, I’m going to be posting my highlight from each part of Tri every day this week in anticipation for Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 6’s release 1AM Saturday release.
First up, we have Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1: Reunion.

While not a lot happened in this movie, everything was very necessarily as it’s been three years since the end of 02, meaning that, assuming all is canon, it’s been two years since the chosen children and their partners have had a threat.
While I don’t recall there being a reason that is outright stated for the children and partner Digimon to be separated as everyone is together in ‘The Revenge of Diaboramon’ we can assume that the gates closed and the Digimon and humans were separated.
Anyway, my highlight for the first chapter of Tri is in the title itself: Reunion.
I absolutely loved the scene where the mysterious agents bring the Chosen Children together to bring their partner Digimon. It’s a beautiful moment, and, upon seeing that Jyou is nowhere to be found, Gomamon simply leaves and likely travels a great distance to locate his human partner. Meanwhile Mimi is being Mimi and has many snacks from America to share with her friends.
While Taichi’s reunion with Agumon, which occurred earlier in the movie is a beautiful moment, the reunion scene at Haneda Airport really shows us the relationships between the chosen and their Digimon and the dynamics of the group.
A runner-up for my top highlight is a quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in the scene where Agumon and Gabumon warp jogress to form Omegamon to fight Alphamon.
Yamato motivates Taichi which triggers a flashback to them holding hands in the battle against VenomVamdemon where Agumon and Gabumon first warp evolved. It’s a cute little throw back.
What was your favourite moment in Reunion?

One thought on “Tri to be Excited #1 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 1: Reunion

  1. Chakmon says:

    I think my favorite part of Reunion is how listless Taichi is about his future, not really knowing what he wants to do (or atleast plan for). I totally identifed with it (and still do as a grown up). I remember the pressure in high school to start picking a direction, and the looking back to fun times in the past and old friends you miss. Taichi felt a bit sad and lost throughout this movie. I wanted to hug him. His reunion with Agumon was my favorite because it was sweet and well animated (and Taichi looks pretty hot in soccer gear.). It was nice to see everyone growing up some. Takeru and Hikari were cute, moving onto Jr. High/Middle School. I think Koushiro’s story is a tad unbelievable (though I gradually bought into his office situation) as well as Taichi’s fixation with the mobile phone was a tad over-played (we get it, he’s more concerned about consequences now… He’s growing up…). Overall, I thought things came together well.
    Saddest moment: a seemingly defeated/fallen Daisuke right-off-the-bat with no concern for or resolution in sight!? I love you Daisuke! I’m sure you’re safe somewhere… you must be! Also, what’s up with Miyako and Iori??? Takeru and Hikari’s lack of concern here is a tad chilling since they were all a crew more recently.

What are your thoughts?