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Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digital Monster X

A new fortnight means a brand new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time, to celebrate the release of the second version of the Digital Monster X, participants rose a Digital Monster X2!

There was also a tournament for Digimon 0NL1NE which was really great fun, each tournament entrant could raise up to three monsters to be able to fight in a 3v3 battle.

My version 2 devices arrived just a day before the hatch started, so I was excited to start. I own both releases of each version, but for the hatch, I just rose my X2s, but my thoughts are more or less the same for the first version as well.

Digital Monster X – What It Does Right?

More complicated evolution requirements
The Digimon evolves depending on what areas in quest mode have been cleared, how many Digimon of a certain level you’ve beaten, how much experience (as in, your Digimon’s level), as well as how many care mistakes.
This means that if you take the same care with your first egg as with your second, you will probably get a very different evolution path!

Not needing to shake
Having to shake my Digimon to train and battle it is actually one of my least favourite virtual pet mechanics; it’s hard to do in public as it’s loud and looks weird, and it can be annoying in general to count the shakes.

The XAI roll and the power bar
Requires skill to get a good shot

Simple design
It’s just the rectangle pet we know and love, but an entirely new take on it.

digimon digital monster X

The ‘back up’ system
You can have three Digimon, one active, and two frozen. This means you can alternate between different Digimon, which is useful if you need to unlock a certain area in order to evolve to a certain Digimon. It also means you can hatch a new Digimon without killing your prized Super Ultimate.

digimon digital monster X

Gomamon X

digimon digital monster x gomamon X
No further description needed.

Digital Monster X – What It Does Wrong?

Daily XAI roll
If you miss the roll for the day after your Digimon wakes up, you will miss out on rolling your XAI for that day.

Late sleep times
Digimon should not have bedtimes of midnight. The latest a Digimon should sleep is 10pm. A lot of the time I find myself either freezing or moving the clock forward a few hours just so I don’t get a care mistake for being asleep before my Digimon.

The glittery ‘X’ on the version 2s
These rub off easily and can look fairly bad and dull after use. I’ve been keeping mine either in the package when I’m not running one of mine, or in a headphone case, which I’ve previously mentioned in another post.

digimon digital monster X

The battery
This was mainly an issue with the version one of the Digital Monster X, which ate through batteries hilariously quickly. However, I’ve noticed the version 2 has a less intensive screen in terms of contrast, and batteries last weeks instead of days. The battery life isn’t as long as it is with the Digital Monster ver20th.

Digital Monster X – Overall

Overall, it’s one of my favourite devices, and, in general, is a nice mix of new and old, which is what a completely new release of a Digimon virtual pet should be. Prior to the Digital Monster X’s release, the last completely new Digimon pet was in 2007 with the Digimon Twins – over a decade! Alternatively, if you include the Xros Mini, which released in 2010, it’s still been around a decade.

digimon digital monster X

What are your thoughts on the Digital Monster X? Are you taking part in the current DigiHatch? Let us know in the comments!

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