Tri to be Excited #5 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 5: Coexistence

Dawn of the Final Day. 16 hours remain…
Compared to the two movies before, Chapter 5’s beginning, despite carrying on from the previous movie, personally felt like it started with less of an impact.
And it continued that way for the whole movie in my opinion.

However, I’m not writing this to talk about my issues with chapter five. We released two podcast episodes (one | two) where I go into that and I’ve mentioned it in countless other places that I feel the only relevant part of Coexistence was the final ‘episode’.
Like with Chapter 4, picking a favourite moment or highlight from this movie was pretty easy.
There were a few memorable moments such as the spooky stories scene, the reemergence of a common theme of Hikari’s unhealthy reliance on her brother, and, of course, seeing Maki in the dark ocean with Dagomon as her mental state further deteriorate.
However, my highlight for Chapter 5 is a scene that I feel is probably one of the coolest moments in Digimon Adventure Tri even if it just seems that way as it stands out in a film that I found relatively bland.
This moment was when Homeostasis over Hikari again and she stands up to it. While it’s pretty simple as far as scenes go, it really stood out as Hikari has been previously been more or less seen as gentle or weak and we’ve never heard her actually make reference to being taken over by Homeostasis.
It also shows great strength from her to break out of something that has such a hold on her.
What was your favourite moment in Coexistence?
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One thought on “Tri to be Excited #5 – Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 5: Coexistence

  1. Chakmon says:

    I vaguely remember Coexistence (need to rewatch) outside of it being the “it’s not your fault, and we all still love you Meiko” movie. That said, I’d pick the times Takeru went to Meiko’s house to talk her out of her slump and to join the crew. Did that happen in Movie 4 or 5 (or both..?) I don’t recall. What I do remember was Takeru’s outreach, despite losing Patamon to the infection first, and in the most personal way delivered by the movie.
    I did enjoy these daily countdown posts, May! It was a nice break from my week-long business trip to think about these movies and post while changing planes at various airports! So it was a nice distraction for me. Sadly I won’t be home until Sunday night, but took Monday off to recover from jetlag and to finally be able to watch Movie 6 in peace…. 2-days late…. I’m excited for Movie 6 to see if/how it ends.
    I think Reunion and Determination were my favorites because all I really wanted was a snapshot of the DigiDestined a little further along in their life stories. Just a fun “where are they now?” Kind of thing. Confession and Loss wrote a check for a much deeper story that Coexistence didn’t seem to intend to cash. The ramp-up stalled miserably in a drawn-out story to cheer up Meiko. That, and the callous way the reboot seems to have resolved itself makes me think they’re not serious about this plot and the conclusion will be unsatifying.
    But again, all I wanted was some slice-of-life hijinks from Digimon Tri. Taichi and Koushiro in aprons having to cook for a school festival (Takeru too!) practically writes itself! If you’re plan is a reboot of the digital world… please make it a good story….
    If Meiko ends up with Taichi in the end… I will be one unhappy Digimon fan…. (the groundwork has been laid since Movie 1 practically…). And, we must findout who Jyou’s girlfriend is! For real!

What are your thoughts?