Three years of Digimon Podcasting…

May 3rd 2015…The day May hit ‘Upload track’ for the first time.

It’s been three years since we uploaded our first episode (and two months since we reedited and uploaded that episode for April Fools 2018).
In those three years, we’ve released 251 episodes, meaning that our RSS feed no longer shows our older episodes (apparently there’s a cap of 200 – who knew?).
On our first birthday, we released our 62nd episode, and on our second birthday, we released our 159th, meaning that we’ve released 92 episodes since our last birthday and 189 episodes since our first birthday.
Thank you listeners, for your support, your ears, and your words over the past three years.
We hope to continue to improve and entertain as we finish off Xros Wars.
Feel free to have some cake in our honour today!
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One thought on “Three years of Digimon Podcasting…

  1. Chakmon says:

    May, I have been listening to LiTmon since Adventure (I think I found you around Episode 10 or 15 and had to backfill to catch-up) and watching/listening along since Zero Two. It has been great to finally have an English language podcast about the original (subbed) Digimon series, highlighting their differences. And the second aspect of exposing a newcomer to the series (Jay) has kept it entertaining.
    While initially a sadistic oddity to expose Jay to Digimon, it has really shed light on critical analysis versus rose-colored glasses of the fans to realize how garbage much of this series is. My heart still aches at how bad Kurata was written in Savers and I always liked him as a villain! And Jay exposed the truth with his investigative reporting!
    I’m so glad that both of you have been able to wotk out a schedule to keep the show going through Xros Wars. And alternate weeks with 3-episodes per show hasn’t interrupted the shows integrity so far as I can tell. I REALLY REALLY hope you guys make it to Digimon Hunters. Aside from being the first podcast ever to cover the entire series, I so want to hear Jay’s thoughts on Hunters overall, Tagiru in particular, and the epic conclusion. I’ve been waiting 3-years for this!
    And while I have no social media presence, and really only interact through the blog and WtW, (I think I turn on Slack maybe twice a year, when I remember it’s there) I hope you get lots of congrats and thank yous for keeping this show going.
    The consistent manner in which LiTmon has been produced and aired is amazing and for this length of time! It should probably be on your resume! So anyway, congrat and thank you from halfway around the globe!! LiTmon has been a Saturday staple in my house and a refuge in these turbulant Digimon Adventure Tri times! And as I freeze my butt off in winter, its always nice to know it’s summer where you are, and it will come my way eventually… Do you guys barbeque on Christmas??

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