5 Digimon Who Aren’t on Virtual Pets But Should Be

I love how vast the array of raisable Digimon is throughout all of the virtual pets, however, there are some unraisable Digimon that honestly should be featured on at least one virtual pet.

So here’s my top 5 unraisable Digimon!

My Top 5 (Currently) Unraisable Digimon

These are in no particular order.

unraisable Digimon Keramon

This is surprising – Keramon has been around since the year 2000, featured in the second Digimon Movie (or first, depending on your location), has appeared as a main character’s main partner in a video game (Arata in Cyber Sleuth), and, not to mention, has a pretty high quality evolving spirit toy.
However, he has never been a raisable Digimon in any of the virtual pets – nor have his evolutions such as Diaboramon!

While Keramon does have a spite from some of the analyser and miscellaneous electronic toys and the Digivices, it hasn’t appeared as a raisable pet!

I’m obviously talking about standard Keramon, Keramon X will be raisable in the Digital Monster X version 3, but for now, regular Keramon is an unraisable Digimon.

Keramon being an unraisable Digimon is what spurred me to create this post.

Out of any other Digimon, I’d probably like to see Keramon become raisable in a future virtual pet.

unraisable digimon gigadramon

While Gigadramon didn’t debut alongside his orange counter part Megadramon (who debuted a year prior to Gigadramon), I’d still expect to see him raisable at some point.

Gigadramon has been in the vast majority of games – usually alongside Megadramon as part of a diverging evolution path.

Gigadramon was meant to appear in Digimon World as a special Digimon. When an Adult-level Digimon would be given his special item Giga Hand, the Digimon would evolve to Gigadramon similar to how one could obtain Megadramon with the special item Mega Hand.

Gigadramon has, like Keramon, appeared in the other electronic toys such as the D-Spirit, but, for now, he is sadly an unraisable Digimon.

Just give me a coloured-in Megadramon on the next virtual pet, jeez Bandai.

unraisable digimon armadilomon

Just look at this lovable friend!

He has to be one of the few partner Digimon who hasn’t shown up as a raisable Digimon in one of the virtual pets right?

Armadillomon is cute, has an adorable personality, and is such a fun Digimon, so it’s really surprising that he hasn’t appeared as a raisable monster in a Digimon virtual pet.

While both Hawkmon and Veemon appeared in the Digimon Pendulum Progress (3.0 and 1.0 respectively), Armadillomon has never been quite as lucky.

Though, while Veemon has appeared in virtual pets since, I’d like to see Hawkmon appear in more, considering the Pendulum Progress is actually one of my least favourite virtual pets.

Digimon D-Gather

unraisable digimon like renamon armadillomon and wormmon can be raised on the D-gather

Quick side note: no, I’m not counting the D-Gather as a virtual pet – while it has a side game that is a pseudo-virtual pet, it is primarily an ‘analyser’ toy like the Analyser and D-Terminal.

The side game lets you choose a partner Digimon, and you feed it with items caught in the claw game and evolves after training. It also has no clock, one of the key and, in my opinion, defining features of a virtual pet.

It is also not fun.

unraisable digimon wormmon

I had other Digimon listed down as unraisable Digimon that surprised me, however, Wormmon was so suprising, I hadn’t even considered that he hadn’t been on any virtual pets until I started writing about Armadillomon being unraisable!

I had to recheck this one, just in case I was misremembering or Wikimon was incorrect, but I couldn’t find him appearing in anything other than the D-Gather, along with the other Adventure, 02, and Tamers partner Digimon.

unraisable digimon renamon

While, like Armadillomon and Wormmon, Renamon did appear in the Digimon D-Gather toy, but Renamon has, surprisingly, not appeared in any virtual pets as a raisable Digimon!

Renamon being an unraisable Digimon is somehow more surprising than Armadilomon or even Wormmon due to the fact that Renamon appears to be one of the more popular partner Digimon among fans and the franchise in general – she appears in a large amount of the Digimon Games, as well as her anime appearance.

While one could argue that a 02 Digimon like Armadimon and Wormmon haven’t been featured in virtual pets because they don’t have any clear evolution path that is not a Jogress, but Renamon is a confusing one – she has a very clear and unique path.

So who are some unraisable Digimon that you would love to see pop up as a raisable Digimon in a virtual pet? Let us know in the comments!

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