5 Strange Digimon Sprites That Differ From Their Art

I’ve been on a bit of a virtual pet kick again lately – I’m running 7 virtual pets and acting like it’s a completely normal thing to do. While some sprites are really accurate, I’ve noticed there are a few strange Digimon sprites that really do not match the Digimon it’s meant to represent.

I was able to easily find a huge list of strange Digimon sprites or sprites that somehow differ from their art, so I thought I’d share five of these now.

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Virtual Pet Spotlight: Digimon Pendulum Progress

A new fortnight means a new group hatch that humulos has organised for DigiHatch – this time participants can raise either a Digimon Pendulum Progress or the Pendulum X.

I have all versions of both devices, but honestly have not played either as both are fairly annoying, demanding, and difficult, but for this hatch, I chose the Digimon Pendulum Progress: Dragon’s Roar, because, as humulos of the DDC accurately described it; “Pendulum Progress: At least it’s not the Pendulum X!”

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