Shut Up and Take My Digi-Dollars! #6: Digivolving Spirits – Diaboramon

The latest Digivolving Spirits toy was released a few weeks ago – Diaboramon!

Recently, I’ve been becoming more and more fond of Diaboramon and his evolution line. Maybe it’s because this toy was coming out and all of the pre-release images looked pretty amazing, maybe it’s because I recently watched the Digimon Movie with my flatmate, maybe it’s because Diaboramon is really cool?
Who knows but he’s my new best friend.
Anyway, whenever a figure, especially a transforming one, gets released I always have a little bit of anxiety about how high quality the actual figure will look. There’s always the horror of the boldly released Bandai America Silphymon and almost always only ONE form looks good as one kind of has to fit everything inside it.
However, I was pretty surprised with the quality of the Diaboramon figure.
While the first two in the series had already been released back in the day (Agumon/WarGreymon and Gabumon/MetalGarurumon) and, while having colour and material upgrades, more or less looked the same, Diaboramon hasn’t, to my knowledge, had many high quality figures (RIP the DARTs Diaboramon that never was) and certainly not an evolving one.
While I haven’t evolved mine to Keramon yet, I can still see quality in the Keramon form from all the photos I’ve seen from other fans.
Will I evolve my little friend? Probably not, as a child I was given a Kyubimon/Taomon evolving figure and spent hours trying to evolve her and broke a few pieces, so I’m still pretty burnt on the whole thing.
I also love the little clock that comes with Diaboramon, it was honestly a surprise to get an extra in an evolving toy and it looks pretty great too.
I’m pretty bad with posing my figures so I’m pretty excited he came with a stand that allows him to sit menacingly by my computer.
He just looks so friendly, he’s just like elf on the shelf!
In general, he’s also just really easy to pose. I love him.
As for price, compared with GEM figures which lately have been over 200AUD each and other figures (eg D ARTS, SH Figurarts, etc) being around 100AUD, the evolving figures have all been fairly cheap (except the limited WarGreymon, stand, and Digivice but like it’s special).
I’m looking forward to more of these being released, but so far, out of what’s been announced, I don’t think anything will top Diaboramon.
Also, just a quick side note, I completely dig the boxes they’re coming in, they’re so well designed and the colours are just so nice.
I’ve uploaded some pictures below in a screenshot but I’m sure I’ll upload more onto my personal twitter (@AncientIrismon) as I play with him a little bit more!
Cost: $$
Design: 11/10

What are your thoughts?