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Awesome 3-in-1 Tamagotchi Compatible Phone – Fujitsu ARROWS

I love playing with my Tamagotchis, but after awhile things always get a little stale. I was impressed with the longevity of the Meets and M!X, but prior to that, the content seemed thin.

There are people such as Mr Blinky that has created extra content for the older colour-tamas, but one requires an IR transmitter to send the files, so I started searching for a Tamagotchi compatible phone order to be able to add content such as characters, wallpapers, and toys by simply transferring some pre-made content, and then, thanks to Fuzzy N Chic, I was able to find an affordable old phone that ticked all the boxes and soon I was able to have a Tamagotchi compatible phone in my hot little hands!

First of all, it is apparently cheaper to get an old phone with infrared (such as the Palm Treo), but I opted for a slightly more expensive route considering I wanted one that had NFC for the 4U+ and Bluetooth for the Meets.

However, the Palm Treo was surprisingly expensive and hard to come by for an Australian (funnily enough, it would have been more expensive to get an old phone with just IR than a completely 3-in-1 Tamagtochi compatible phone).

In addition, transferring content from my PC to the phone seemed tedious and I’d much rather have everything preinstalled, which is why I opted for a more modern Tamagtochi compatible phone that had IR, NFC, and Bluetooth.

I decided to do a little bit of a review and guide as there wasn’t too much information that I could find for this particular phone – the Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G. It took me a little bit to even find where the IR receiver was.
In addition, while there were many lists of the different types of Tamagotchi compatible phone models, this wasn’t really listed in them, so I would like to spread some awareness of this pretty neato phone.

Full disclosure before I begin, I’ve only had this phone for a few days and I’ve only used it with my Tamagotchi Ps, but so far, I’m really impressed.

Fuzzy N Chic has a few different phones available that you can buy, but I opted for the Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G. They currently have just added the F-04H and the F-04G was more or less just on clearance, but one would assume they’re both fairly similar.

The phone comes pre-installed with both the Meets app and the 4U+ app as well as a handful of wallpapers to use for the phone itself, but most importantly, it comes pre-loaded with an absolutely huge amount of content to send to your Tamagotchi over IR – all of the VDPs, extra locations, extra games, toys, food, wallpapers, everything you could possibly want to load on your Tamagotchi!

The phone will be set to the Japanese time zone, which you can change in the settings, but everything else will be automatically set up for you.

The ‘gallery’ is the green icon on the home screen which I have circled in the image above. From here, you’ll be able to scroll through the content you can send over IR to your Tama.

‘Tis the season to be spooky, so let’s choose the ‘pumpkin lantern’ toy. To send this, click on the Infrared icon which I have circled in the image above.

Next, navigate to ‘Download’ (the third option) and hold the P’s up to the bottom right of the screen (just to the right of the ‘docomo’ logo.

The selected item will be sent to your Ps, which will then be available from the Tama Depa, which you can then purchase and use with your Tama.

In relation to VDPs, they’ll be available as locations and room designs will be available in the reform shop, where you would typically buy room redesigns.

In terms of shipping costs, international shipping from Singapore to Australia was 20SGD (around 22AUD), which isn’t too bad considering how well it was packaged.

So how does it rank as a Tamagotchi compatible phone?

Fantastically – it has everything I want and I can easily transfer files from my Google Drive, PC, or my existing phone, everything came pre-installed and loaded, and the phone is in immaculate condition.

It’s a lovely sleek and slim phone that is easily transported.

The battery life feels to go on for ages (I’ve had it running for three days straight now and it’s only on 70%).

I’m really glad that it’s brought so much life and content to the older coloured virtual pets, and I’m currently carrying around my Tamagotchi P’s and the phone in a nice makeup bag.

In short, I would most definitely suggest looking at Fuzzy N Chic’s range of Tamagotchi compatible phones, while you can just get a cheap and old phone, it is easier to opt for a more modern phone in terms of usability.

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