digihatch An Eggcelent Idea for Communities and Why I'm a Bad Mother Virtual Pets

An Eggcelent Idea for Communities and Why I’m a Bad Mother

Lately, I’ve been getting pretty into raising virtual pets again (thanks to the release of the Tamagotchi meets), enough to consider starting to talk about it on the podcast a bit more.

Conveniently, a few virtual pet hatching groups have started up as well at around the same time, and holding a virtual pet hatch is an absolutely brilliant idea for communities.

Initially, the plan was to release some update/progress videos for each of these hatches, however, none of this ever took place as my personal and work life both became really busy all at once, and, in addition, I had to do some maintenance on the website which took around two weeks.

So here’s a little update about the virtual pet hatch(es) that have happened so far and maybe I’ll write up a few more of these to the blog, assuming my life calms down a little!

The first virtual pet hatch for the Digimon community was centred around the Digimon V20th (Japanese or English).

I decided on raising my Wave 2 Zubamon colour in the hopes of getting Raguelmon. Unfortunately I got one too many care mistakes and Meicrackmon unfortunately was not able to evolve.

virtual pet hatch tamagotchi connection

Simultaneously, the TamaTown discord server had an even-numbered Tamagotchi Connection hatch.

I started up my first ever Tamagotchi for this – My Tamagotchi Connection V2 and was hoping to raise my favourite Tama – Ginjirotchi.
However, above average but not perfect care is a hard level to aim for, and I ended up with Tarakotchi, which is fine because she’s pretty cute and likeable as it turns out…

This fortnight, as in, when my life really took off, the DigiHatch had the ‘Hurricane Hatch’ running to raise aquatic and/or airborne Digimon while TamaTown had a hatch for the Morino Tama.

I started off raising my Pendulum 4.5, which I had apparently forgotten how irritating the training mechanic was, especially when one is busy. I then tried to start up my iC Burst but was too busy for that and poor MegaSeadramon did not fare well..

Finally I went back to my English ver 20th and hoped to raise Examon, they’re both in their perfect stage now as I keep on pausing them, though I think I’ve racked up one too many care mistakes for them to evolve to Ultimate for their Jogress.

I won’t even mention my attempts at raising the Morino.

Next virtual pet hatch….

The next hatches are a Pendulum hatch (considering running one of the 20ths with Brady) for the DigiHatch and a TLC hatch (for any broken toys) for TamaTown. Depending on how busy I am, I might try to make a blog post or video or something about it!

The current DigiHatch reddit thread (and further information) can be found here.
The TamaTown hatch schedule can be found here.

And, here’s something fun I did – I had a spare Japanese Digimon Ver20th which I repainted alongside the Dracomon Brady 3D printed for me.

virtual pet hatch custom digimon

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