Shut Up and Take My Digi-Dollars! #4: Usable Digi-Merch – What's For Lunch?

As I mentioned in my last post for SUTMD; I love using my Digimon merchandise in everyday scenarios. I previously mentioned my use of the OUTDOOR tote and backpack as well as the KOD sports towel so I won’t write about them again, today I will talk about another piece of Digimon Merchandise that I use frequently (besides the tote and towel which I also use everyday).
I recently bought the Digimon Adventure Tri lunch set that was available at the Tri Part 5 popup shop from a middleman service. It’s made up of two bags; a cooler bag to keep your lunch fresh and cool during the day, and a small tote-like bag to fit it in.
It’s got a really cute design on the cooler bag with some DigiTama on it (maybe so we can keep some DigiTama cool before we eat them?) and the carry bag has the Digimon Adventure Tri logo (in English, not Katakana) and the child level (plus Tailmon) Digimon of the eight Digimon Adventure children. I thought Meicoomon would have been included but it’s not a big deal.
It’s a nice colour theme – a nice sky blue, similar to the chapter 6 poster.
Recently, I’ve been cooking onigiri and bringing it for lunch and these bags are perfect for it! The coolerbag can fit two onigiri and one banana and the coolerbag fits perfectly in the carry bag (I put my pieces of nori at the bottom of the carrybag.
The carry bag would be perfect if it had room for one of those drink bottles that they’ve been selling.
This item may be harder to get a hold of since it’s from a popup shop but I would highly recommend trying to find a proxy service which does pick ups or has one they’re reselling as this is a useful item and a fun and useful piece of merch!
As with last time, I have attached related images to this post!
Cost: $$
Aesthetic: 9/10
Design: 8/10
Usability: 9/10

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