Shut Up and Take My Digi-Dollars! #3: Usable Digi-Merch - Baggage

Shut Up and Take My Digi-Dollars! #3: Usable Digi-Merch – Baggage

I have a lot of Digimon merchandise which all lives happily organised and displayed on some shelves and I have many favourite things in my collection, but honestly, I probably love the pieces I can use in everyday life the most.
I’m not just talking about vpets or pedometers either! I’m talking about actual things that help out in my life! So today, I will talk about the two Digimon OUTDOOR bags that came out about a year or so ago. I bought both of these on AmiAmi when they were first released.
First up, is the tote bag which I take to work every day so I can go on a run during my lunch break.
It’s a very large bag that zips up and it fits my gym clothes and my runners perfectly as well as my sports towel – which is also Digimon merchandise (or does it count as official Knife of Day merchandise???) and a waterbottle (when I went Rollerblading last I brought my Appmon waterbottle).
It’s pretty large and I love the fact it can zip up so nothing falls out. It has so much room I tend to also put my lunch bag and my tea flask in their too and there’s still room for more!
It also has a small pocket on the inside which fits something small like deodorant or my wallet and a small pocket on the front of the bag that can fit something like your keys. I don’t use this pocket for any long period of time in case something falls out but I have put my keys or my phone in it briefly (for example, if I’m walking to the office from my car and need somewhere to put my keys).
The strap is long enough so it can just slide over my shoulder and hang as I’m carrying it so it’s pretty easy to transport, but I can also carry it by the holding the strap.
It has a nice subtle Digimon design on it which doesn’t make it stand out too much as a piece of Digimon merchandise – it’s a sleek stylish design and you would have to know of Digimon to really realise that it’s a Digimon bag. The crest design is nice too.
The tote bag is a lot nicer than other totebags that have come out under the ‘Digimon’ brand as it zips up and can fit so much more. I used to use the Digimon Adventure Tri Pixel tote bag for my gym clothes but it was so hard fitting everything in when really it’s more suited for a shopping trip, to carry a laptop, or just carry shoes when going away.
The next bag is the OUTDOOR backpack.
This bag is a lot bigger than a standard backpack and it’s probably more of a travel backpack than an every day backpack.
It’s main compartment is rather long, meaning that the bag is pretty tall and it looks like I’m about to go backpacking around Europe whenever I wear it so I didn’t really use it until recently.
I recently got into Rollerblading with my best mate at a local rink and was transporting my rollerblades in a regular-sized backpack, meaning that my blades would stick out of the bag and the bag wouldn’t zip up. I was trying to think of a bigger bag which would make transporting them easier and safer.
And then I realised that I had a perfect sized bag!
Besides the huge main compartment where I store my skates, there are three small compartments; two on the front, and one on the top. The one on the top is slightly hidden so it’s a good place to safely store a wallet and the front two pockets are large enough you could store your phone, keys, wallet, sports towel, and lunch!
The main compartment even has enough room for a water bottle to be stored as well to keep me hydrated.
You can seal the main compartment at the top by pulling the draw string and then buckling up two buckles, so it not only allows for a lot of extra room by having draw strings and not a zip at the top, but it looks rather stylish!
A neat feature of this bag is that you can access the main compartment from the side as well as the top. The sides of the bag have long zips which you can zip down to access the main part of the bag without upsetting anything that may be on the top.
The backpack has the same design and colour scheme as the tote bag, so again, it’s stylish and not noticeably Digimon merchandise.
Both of these bags are OUTDOOR products so they’re a bit on the pricey side but, honestly, I’ve had the use out of both bags – especially the tote bag. I think if I were to recommend one, I would recommend the tote bag as the backpack is far too large unless you’re using it for rollerblades or to travel and it may be too small to use as a backpack for actual backpacking for any extended period of time. The tote bag I would say is better for everyday use, but I still love both bags and I’m glad I picked them up. They’re both worth the cost and, as I mentioned before, the design is subtle enough to use as everyday baggage.
I’d also recommend the KOD sports towel which I also mentioned in this blog entry as it’s perfect to dry you off after a long workout session.
I have attached a bunch of photos of everything I discussed in this blog post!
OUTDOOR Tote bag
Cost: $$$
Aesthetic: 9/10
Design: 8/10
Usability: 10/10
OUTDOOR Backpack

Cost: $$$
Aesthetic: 9/10
Design: 9/10
Usability: 9/10

What are your thoughts?