Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19

Continuing on with the rewatch of Digimon Adventure for the Digimon subreddit in the leadup to the Digimon Adventure Reboot coming in April, here’s my Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19 review!

Opening thoughts

We reach the final few episodes of the arc and get our first two part episode! The final two crests are found!

“The Prisoner of the Pyramid
(“Nanomon of the Labyrinth!”)

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19 Review

Izzy finds Etemon’s computer network and wants to access it, Sora says it could be booby trapped, but Matt thinks he should crash it. Izzy ignores Sora and uses to acces his laptop. He gets an email from a prisoner.

Meanwhile, Etemon realises his system is down and Gazimon are ordered to fix it. Etemon accuses a Digimon called Datamon.

The chosen are following directions given by the prisoner and they stumble upon a really convenient crest. Izzy wonders if the prisoner will help them find it.

The group then stumble upon more DigiCode which Izzy recognises from the program in the battery. Joe wonders if it means everything isn’t real is just a video game. Izzy says that everything is real, just physical data made real, and even they are made of kilobytes.

Izzy guesses that they are still in the camp site as well as being here, and they’re not actually hungry as they’re just data. Izzy pulls up a map and can overlay it on the human world and says how it matches up completely. Using this map, he is able to locate the prisoner.

Mimi has a cat that doesn’t exist, thanks dub. “Computer guys can’t just do something, that’s just easy, they have to tell you how they’ll do it!” Biyomon asks Sora if that means they don’t exist and they’re not really friends. Tai says they should work out what to do next. The dub writing in this episode KILLS Mimi’s personality and makes her completely thick.

Izzy opens up a doorway, but they also see Etemon passing. They stay the night and each take turns taking watch. Tai mentions it being a cartoon Adventure, Sora asks if it’s worth doing all this just for her crest and then says if they’re all data, does any of this matters. Meanwhile, Izzy is still researching and finds that anything that happens in this world happens in the human world, and anything that happens to them will really happy. Tai is given a dog in the English dub apparently.

Tai, Sora, and Joe go off to investigate the pyramid, and Etemon passes again. Taichi teases Etemon from beyond a fake wall, Sora points out how dangerous doing so is. They need to find more fake walls to proceed. On the other side of a fake wall are two Gazimon, who Tai proceeds to tease, angering Sora.

There’s an eletric fence and Tai isn’t scared and says there’s no reason to be scared because they’re not real. The find the host computer in a room, as well as Datamon, who Tentomon says dissapeared at one point. Datamon turns out to be the prisoner, who has been imprisoned by Etemon.

Datamon says once he’s free, he will tell them about Sora’s crest. However, Etemon shows up. Agumon calls out “Digimon help out!” which is a weird line. The Digimon evolve and Datamon is freed, but he turns out to be evil, of course. Etemon laughs and says they should have learnt to trust noone. Weird added “Biyomon over here!” “I’m coming”

Sora is captured and they go through the electric fence, Izzy says that they have to double check, but Tai says that it doesn’t matter because they’re in a video game. Izzy says that they’re still linked with their human world selves, so if something happens here, it happens there. Izzy tells him where the weak point is, but now Tai is too scared. No idea why Joe or Izzy can’t go instead of pushing Tai to do so. They take too long and Etemon defeats their Digimon, thankfully, the other chosen and their Digimon show up so they can escape.

Matt is annoyed Tai didn’t try to save her and Tai is distraught.

Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19

Rating for my Rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19


Call me a sadist, but part of me likes episodes where the good guys lose. Not because I want them to suffer, but because it’s a nice change of pace and break from the formulaic ‘kids walk in desert, bad guy shows up, kids fight, bad guy is strong, kids talk, kids fight harder, kids win, roll credits’.

Episode 19 (and the following episode) has a lot packed into one episode; Tai’s continuing inner turmoil, the realisation that if they could actually die (which adds to aforementioned turmoil), worldbuilding, and the characters feeling pathetic and actually losing.

There’s also a nice bit of technobabble which is nice.

However, I’m never a fan of a fairly helpless girl being rescued by a bloke as it doesn’t really sit right with me and I have no idea why Tai had to go through and Izzy or Joe couldn’t.

So what were your thoughts on your rewatch of Digimon Adventure Episode 19? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

We’ll be moving on to episodes 22-26 next week. If you are following along, let us know your thoughts and what you think of the rewatch so far!

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