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ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: Y is For…

If you’ve read any of my posts before, I’ve basically said which Digimon is the most nostalgic Digimon starting with the letter Y before.

Y is For…


nostalgic digimon yanmamon

Surprise, surprise, it’s a mention of a Digimon World Digimon again: Yanmamon!

Specifically, I’m mentioned the area where I encountered Yanmamon many times before when I’ve spoken about other nostalgic Digimon World Digimon, so Yanmamon is no different.

not digimon yanmamon yanma

Something that I really love is that both Pokemon and Digimon have a ‘yanma’ themed monster, but they both went in extremely different directions with the design; Yanma is so cute and friendly looking (besides the two spikes on its tail) with bright and fun colours, while Yanmamon is absolutely horrifying and arguably ugly in comparison with dark and dirty colours.

Interestingly, Yanma debuted in Generation II of Pokemon when Pokemon Gold and Silver was released in November 1999 and Yanmamon debuted in the Digital Monster card game in Booster Pack 4 which was released in January 1999. Though I can’t find when Yanma’s design would have been revealed, which would have been earlier than November.

Yanma’s Japanese name is a little different however, ヤンヤンマ (Yanyanma).

Being a huge fan of both Pokemon and Digimon as a child caused both of these monsters to remain fresh in my mind.

So who is the most nostalgic Digimon that starts with the letter ‘Y’ in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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