ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: O is For…

As kids, we all had Digimon mini figures, we didn’t know where they came from, and most of the time, we didn’t even know their names. That is how I was introduced to this Digimon.

O is For…


nostalgic digimon ookuwamon

Digimon mini figures were pretty popular; everyone I knew had at least five of them, looking back, I don’t even remember getting them, I just knew that I had them. Ookuwamon was part of my collection, not that I knew it.

As Ookuwamon didn’t debut in the anime until 02, I was convinced that my figure was just a ‘shiny’ Kuwagamon.

Kuwagamon was one of the first Digimon we ever encountered in the anime, so of course I would assume that Ookuwamon was just a bad mold, grey Kuwagamon! Everybody knows Kuwagamon – but not many people knew of his next evolution.

Kuwagamon is a pretty nostalgic Digimon himself, and was even a runner-up for my Nostalgic Digimon for K (but Kerpymon had a lot more sentimental value).

Little did I know that Ookuwamon actually is a fairly old Digimon in terms of debut year – it actually debuted in 1998! However, the reason for my lack of knowledge of Ookuwamon was actually because he had appeared in things that hadn’t and wouldn’t be released in Australia – the Wonderswan games, the Digimon Pendulum, and Digimon World 2. He’s actually shown up in a pretty sizeable number of Digimon games.

I didn’t learn of Ookuwamon’s existence until several years after his first debut, and that’s how I learnt that I didn’t have a shiny Kuwagamon – I actually had his evolution.

Ookuwamon made his anime debut in a pretty memorable episode too – the first Jogress episode of 02!

Also he was in Digimon World 2003. Yay!

So who is the most nostalgic Digimon that starts with the letter ‘O’ in your opinion? Let us know!

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