ABCs of Nostalgic Digimon: K is For…

Sometimes the names that the English dub gives to Digimon are a little strange, especially when those dub names aren’t used in the anime.

K is For…



Cherubimon does not give me much nostalgia, but if you slap on the name that was given to him in the D-Tector Digivice‚Ķoh boy, there’s some nostalgia for Kerpymon.

I’ve mentioned before my nostalgia for Frontier and the D-Tector toy before, so choosing Kerpymon combines those two nostalgic factors into one.

I remember when I was on a car ride in South Africa on a holiday 16 years ago, playing with my D-Tector, where I first encountered Kerpymon. I was so excited that I screamed, frightening my poor parents who were driving! I remember him being so strong to fight as well. I remember this moment pretty vividly.

Speaking of lesser used English names – Creepymon from Daemon will always cause me to crack a grin. I just love the name Kerpymon though, there’s something so weirdly cute over such an unusual translation!

So which Digimon starting with the letter ‘K’ is the most nostalgic to you?

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