Meiko Simultaneously Did Nothing Wrong and Everything Wrong: The Best, Dullest, and Worst Chapters of Digimon Adventure Tri

Alright! Home stretch for this series, though there will be two posts still after this one – movies and overall. I’m separating Tri from the movies and treating each movie as an ‘episode’ in this case, so the movies will be covered separately and will not include Tri.
There will be spoilers as, unlike Appmon, this had an English release (both with official subtitles and a dub) so I’m fine to write spoilers in this.

I feel like I should add a quick disclaimer: The Digimon fans I’ve spoken to seem to either think Tri was the best thing ever or the worst thing ever – there’s no in between.
However, I just feel it’s ‘okay’. The end was fine, it had incredible bits, it had awful bits.
Chapter 3 – Confession
This probably surprises absolutely nobody as Chapter 3 truly was the peak of the season! Chapter 1 was necessary explanations/catch up, Chapter 2 was emotional and focused on characters that weren’t Yamato and Taichi and even killed a Leomon, and then Chapter 3 turned up the emotions to 11 – Takeru and Koushiro were struggling, Patamon was infected, Tentomon had to fight against his friends who were all evil due to infection, and Gennai is evil!
In my opinion, there was not a lack luster moment in Chapter 3 – it didn’t feel too long and, unlike the next chapters, I wanted more at the end!
Chapter 4 – Loss
A lot of people would say Chapter 1 was the dullest, and, honestly, I almost put it here.
However, I can remember pretty much everything that happened in Chapter 1, and, again, it was necessary start-of-season dullness, and, for Chapter 4, I can only remember two things: original chosen (best part of the chapter) and Piyomon doesn’t like Sora now she has no memories. I think Gennai licked Sora at some point too?
If I watch something for two hours I should be able to have things to say about it, and, with Chapter 4, I do not. The part at the beginning with the original chosen’s Digimon becoming the Holy Beasts was sick! The rest was fairly…bland?
Yeah sure, it had some cute parts with the Digimon and all trust was regained far too easily. It was like the writers went ‘oh shit how do we write ourselves out of this memory thing? Oh just have everything be fine!’.
Also, the Digimon get their memories back in Chapter 6 anyway making this whole chapter just unnecessary and we could have just had two hours of the original chosen having backstory and that would’ve been bones!
Chapter 5 – Coexistence 
I’m going to start this by saying how, prior to Chapter 5, I liked Meiko. A lot of English speaking Digimon fans hated her and said she didn’t need to be there and was awful for various reasons and wanted her to die because all the attention was on her. I disagreed! It’s nice to have a fresh face! She’s done nothing wrong! She barely steals the limelight at all! She’s a sweetheart! She deserves better!
Then Chapter 5 was released.
Chapter 5 was, more or less, two hours of ‘Meiko! Don’t feel bad!’ and ‘Meiko! We love you!’ from every character, multiple times, saying the same thing, instead of actual plot.
Hikari was on the poster, she got maybe fifteen minutes of plot. Meiko stole the limelight.
It’s like this chapter came out to prove everybody but me right.
In fact, if you haven’t seen Chapter 5, go to CrunchyRoll, and just watch the last ‘episode’ for Chapter 5. There’s your relevant information!!
Alright, that’s that done! What were the best, dullest, and worst episodes for you? Did you love, like, tolerate, or hate Tri?
Next I’ll be talking about Digimon movies!
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