I Hate Steam Sales #0 – Another blog series???

As I mentioned in the post that I published last night, I am trying to breathe more life into this blog, so I thought I’d add another blog series to this blog.

Are the other serieses dead? Absolutely not. I will publish posts for them when I am motivated, the reason there are so many different series is because I don’t want to force myself to write about a topic that I’m not particularly feeling motivated to write or don’t have time to put effort into because it would be rushed, short, and the quality would be probably not that great.
I’ve been trying to play more games in my down time and I realised that I have a lot of Steam games I’ve never actually played, so I thought I’d try to get some action from these games..
So I’ve made up a list of all my steam games (excluding ones I’ve put hundreds of hours into and/or ones I’ve already completed) into a Google Sheets file. You can find the file here.
I’ve also combined related games such as sequels or games with some chronology where I’d need to play one game first (for example, Higurashi has 6 separate parts so far, wouldn’t wanna play Chapter 6 before 1).
So what I’ll do, is randomise a number, get the corresponding row and play that game for an hour or so, then write about it. Even if nobody cares to read my thoughts on it, at least I’ll be playing games I might have never played otherwise. I’ll try and make it so I don’t play the same game within a month of playing it last, just so I have some variation.
Hope it’s enjoyable anyway!
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What are your thoughts?