Vote on our next blog post's topic! + Regular Hacker's Memory Stream Update!

So it’s time to make another attempt to breathe some life into this blog. A little more than currently, anyway.

I thought I’d put down a few topics I’d like to write about to see if anybody would be interested in reading about them, so, please vote for your favourite from the following:
  • In depth look at the new Digimon gachapon (the three sets so far based on the original art)
  • Alphamon figure comparison (SH Figuarts, NXEdge, Digivolving Spirits)
  • Digimon Pendulum ver 20th thoughts from a veteran (May) and a newbie (Brady)
  • First 20 levels of WaniKani – Japanese learning progress
  • Best, most mediocre and worst episode of Digimon for each season (these may differ from what I originally said in the podcast as opinions change)
  • 2018 so far: Favourite release this year and the upcoming release I’m looking forward to the most
You can vote in the poll below
Please be aware, if your favourite idea isn’t chosen, it will be posted about one day in anycase! These are ideas I want to write about! So they’ll come back around, I’m just asking about what people would be the most interested in reading about.
Also, if you’re wondering about me streaming Hacker’s Memory; I was away, then I broke my collarbone, then I was house sitting away from my PS4, and now I’m sick. So a fortnightly (if not weekly) Hacker’s Memory stream is looking good for a timeslot Monday at around 6:30pmAEST. It just hasn’t happened yet due to the aforementioned reasons! If you can’t make that timeslot, remember, YouTube keeps the recordings so it can be caught up on on our YouTube!
Here are the final results:
Also, remember; we’re recording Episode 151 Friday night AEST! Will Jay still be relatively optimistic about Xros Wars Part 2???
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What are your thoughts?