Leadup to Last Evolution #13: Favourite non-Partnered Digimon

Following on from my last countdown post for the Kizuna Countdown, today I’m writing about my favourite non-partnered Digimon.

favourite non partnered Digimon

Now I can’t pick Airdramon, because that would be just too easy and obvious.

As cool as Airdramon is, I just feel like choosing Airdramon would be cheating considering they only show up in a few episodes and don’t really talk or make any impact at all.

Still cool though.

My Favourite non partnered Digimon

Look, honourable mention to Gazimon for being generally adorable and funny, and I love the Dark Masters to pieces, but I also really like puns, and who makes puns?

Phatomon makes puns

favourite non partnered digimon phatomon
Yeah, the screenshot is from Digimon Frontier, but I find it absolutely delightful!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever laughed harder than I did when I was rewatching Digimon in the English dub and, when reading the Analyser for Tuskmon, Phatomon said dropped this absolute cracker of a line.

Say hello to Tuskmon, and watch out—avoiding his razor-sharp horns is no easy ‘tusk’. Heh heh…sorry.

Phatomon, introducing us to Tuskmon

Yeah, Phatomon is by far my favourite non partnered Digimon despite only really appearing in one episode of Adventure. He’s just great in terms of design as well as the added lines that the English dub bestowed on us.

The English dub is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to characters without mouths, as, whenever Digimon has a character with a non-visible mouth, the English dub writers have an absolute field day; Phatomon was fairly dull in terms of one liners in the original version.

Also, check out this absolutely fantastic piece of art work that my friend Chisai drew of my OC’s partner, Theia the Dracomon, cosplaying Phatomon. Absolutely, delightful! Check out Chisai’s blog!

digimon Leadup to Last Evolution #13: Favourite non-Partnered Digimon Digimon Kizuna Leadup

So who is your favourite non partnered Digimon? Let me know in the comments!

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