All 6 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Starters Ranked

All 6 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Starters Ranked

Today’s the day! Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition is out released on the Nintendo Switch – the past week has been jam packed with Digimon – ReArise’s global release, Appmon on CrunchyRoll, and Cyber Sleuth coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Each game lets you choose one of three ‘starter’ Digimon – but all Digimon are accessibly in the end anyway, so the choice isn’t too important. So, which of the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth starters will you pick to start off and who do I think is the best pick?

Before we start, I just want to mention how much I adore the fact that both Cyber Sleuth games gave love to lesser-loved Digimon such as Hagurumon (who I’ve mentioned being a fairly underrated monster in my opinion).

In addition, I’m so glad Cyber Sleuth got ported to the Switch – I personally felt it played better on the Vita (where I played the first game), rather than a TV console (where I started, but admittedly never finished, the second game)

The Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Starters

digimon story cyber sleuth starters palmon

Palmon is a plant attribute, data-type Digimon who can evolve into Togemon, Sunflowmon, Woodmon, Vegiemon, or Kuwagamon. It’s special attack is Poison Ivy. Palmon takes up 5 memory slots in the party.

A smile that could melt snow.

digimon story cyber sleuth starters terriermon

Terriermon is a wind attribute, vaccine-type Digimon who can evolve into Galgomon, Rapidmon Armor, Ikkakumon, or Tailmon. Terriermon’s special attack is Terrier Tornado. Terriermon takes up 4 memory slots in the party.

Terriermon, while often called a bunny, is actually named and styled after a terrier-breed of dog.

digimon story cyber sleuth starters hagurumon

Hagurumon is an electric attribute, virus-type Digimon who can evolve into Guardromon, Clockmon, Starmon, Platinum Scumon, or Gold Numemon. It’s special attack is Cog Crusher. Hagurumon takes up 4 memory slots in the party.

I was so happy to see him featured as a starter!

The Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory Starters

digimon story cyber sleuth starters betamon

Betamon is a water-attribute, virus-type who can evolve to ShellNumemon, Gekomon, Seadramon, Numemon, and Vegiemon. It’s special attack is Electric Shock. Betamon takes up 4 memory slots in the party.

He’s also just adorable and happy to help.

digimon story cyber sleuth starters tentomon

Tentomon is a plant-attribute, vaccine-type who can evolve to Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon, Sunflowmon, Stingmon, and Waspmon. It’s special attack is Super Shocker. Tentomon takes up 4 memory slots in the party.

However, he doesn’t called the player main-character-han and doesn’t speak in Kansai-ben.

digimon story cyber sleuth starters gotsumon

Gotsumon is a earth-attribute, data-type who can evolve to Ankylomon, Clockmon, Starmon, and Tankmon. It’s special attack is Rock Fist. Gotsumon, like Palmon, takes up 5 slots in the party.

Gotsumon is in basically every season of Digimon, even as a background character, so somebody loves him.

How do I rank the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth starters?

From top to bottom;

  1. Palmon (CS) – Gets a burst mode evolution and her voice is so cute as Palmon and Lilimon. I’ve always loved her attitude and voice and I chose her easily out of pure enjoyment and nostalgia. Palmon was actually my first Digimon plush toy. Also, how can I tell she’s the best starter in the first game – she takes up more memory slots.
  2. Betamon (HM) – Airdramon did not feature in the first Cyber Sleuth game, so when, not only was Airdramon to be in Hacker’s Memory, but the fact one of the pre-evolutions of Airdramon was a starter made it an easy choice. In addition, Betamon is just adorable in general; I love his little mohawk, so punk rock.
  3. Terriermon (CS) – Terriermon’s animations surprisingly portray the amount of sass that Terriermon contains within him. Like Palmon and Rosemon Burst Mode, it has an additional ‘special’ evolution – with the Digi-Egg of Destiny, he can evolve to Rapidmon (Armor).
  4. Hagurumon (CS) – I love Hagurumon so much and was so surprised to see it feature in Cyber Sleuth as a starter Digimon – this fact alone made me almost tempted to pick him.
  5. Tentomon (HM) – I will never be sure how Tentomon gets to have so much personality considering he has no mouth or pupils but the animators – be it for a video game or anime – seem to always manage to convey such character from him.
  6. Gotsumon (HM) – I’m so sorry, Gotsumon, you rock, you really do and it’s really great to see you feature as a starter, it really is, but all the other starters are just so great.

So who will you be choosing? I will make the same choice as I made when the games first came out; Palmon out of the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth starters and Betamon for Hacker’s Memory. I’m boring.

How would you rank all six of the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth starters?

Will you be getting the complete edition? I’m picking it up after work today! The cheapest place I’ve found in Australia is BigW, so I guess I’ll be price matching EBGames for them.

Want to read my review of Cyber Sleuth? It was actually the first video game review I’ve ever written! – I’ve improved my formatting since then, at least.

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