ABCs of Underrated Digimon: H is For…

While there seem to be less Digimon that begin with ‘H’ than with ‘G’, this was still a hard letter to pick one Digimon out of.
So, H is For…

He’s a gear!
I have no idea how the creators of Digimon took a gear and managed to make it equal parts creepy and cute at the same time – he’s just so adorable but, in some ways, a little bit creepy in the face – almost making one think ‘is this a human that became a Digimon?’ For some reason, he’s oddly puppet-like.
It’s another Digimon that’s been around since almost the beginning, has been in the anime a lot, and even a possible starter Digimon in Cybersleuth – and yet there’s a considerable lack of love for it from the fandom!
In addition, Hagurumon is a lot better looking than the Pokemon-take on ‘living gear’ – Klink.
It’s sometimes fun to compare Digimon with similar-themed Pokemon to see who did the better job. It’s not always Digimon either – Snimon/Scyther? Scyther 100%, but mainly because his face is cuter.
There’s not much more to say. I dig his simple, yet effective design!

So what’s your favourite mon that starts with ‘H’?

If you’re curious, my other considerations were Hanumon (Apemon), Hangyomon (Divermon), and HippoGriffomon.
Mainly nostalgia-mons! Also I notice a surprising lack of love for Hawkmon considering he was a main character.
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