Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 “The Sword of Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 “The Sword of Hope”

Following on from last episode’s review and, of course, our podcast discussion episode, it’s time to watch the 46th episode of Digimon Adventure: (2020)!

Opening thoughts

Do you remember Devimon? Yeah, the bad guy that only two of the kids got to meet.

    Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 “The Sword of Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 “The Sword of Hope”

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 Review

Joe is getting Komodomon-sick, so he steps out and he sees a giant green ball that turns out to be an eye ball. Meanwhile the Vademon cult are talking about Sepirotmon spotting the children. Sepirotmon then captures the children, Komodomon escapes with Hikari, and, I would assume the rest of the girls and Joe, but the rest of the children are captured.

We have a new seperation arc I guess. Tailmon says that the others should be okay still as Sepirotmon has just trapped them. Snimon and Coelamon shows up, who were foes early on, as does Dokugamon, Tankmon, and Tylomon. Tailmon says that Sepirotmon eats by making those he traps battle with Digimon from their memories until they can’t fight anymore.

Agumon, Gabumon, and Tentomon evolve to their adult forms and Patamon evolves to Angemon. Ogremon shows up and Greymon has some emotion in his eyes for a second. MetalTyranomon shows up and Greymon evolves. Likewise, Garurumon evolves when Scorpiomon shows up and Kabuterimon when Ookuwamon shows up.

Meanwhile, Tailmon is still explaining Sepirotmon and how this is to do with FAGA and basically the way she explains it sounds like Apocalymon is coming back. Back to inside Sepirotmon, Oorochimon shows up and Angemon then sees his reflection turn into Devimon.

Devimon appears and he calls Angemon his old friend, Takeru remembers this. Devimon says that Angemon is cursed and the name of the curse is called the Chosen Children. Devimon says that holy power can be used to take over the world but using them in the way that the children want limits this power.

Back on the outside, Lilimon, Garudamon, Angewomon, and Zudomon are fighting and getting attacked by the Perfect level Digimon inside of Sepirotmon.

Meanwhile, Angemon and Devimon are fighting and Takeru wonders why Devimon is so obsessed with Angemon, Angemon says that this is a battle between him and himself and says that his memories come back whenever he fights Devimon.

Angemon explains that he awoke in miasma and Devimon appeared to him and says that Devimon is his own shadow born from his own weakness. Devimon says that Angemon’s rise in power has helped him regain a physical form. Angemon is then surrounded by many Devimon and and Devimon says that the hope he has makes him weak. *27.46

Angemon is then darkened and tries to kill Takeru. Devimon is trying to force a dark evolution on Angemon and it’s horrifying but also very End of Evangelion. Angemon is trying to kill Takeru but Takeru doesn’t move and he says it’s because Angemon wouldn’t lose and he trusts Angemon.

Angemon evolves, absorbs Devimon, and then slices through Sepirotmon, somehow not using Heaven’s Gate magic, which is a surprise. Everyone gets teleported outside. Vademon cult chants to beware the chosen and HolyAngemon is now talking to Devimon because they’re one.

In the encylopedia, we’re learning about HolyAngemon! Koshiro says how it grows more wings and asks how many wings Tentomon has.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46 “The Sword of Hope”

Rating for Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46


This episode gave us something I honestly thought the writers would have forgotten – Devimon calling Angemon his old friend and, while it wasn’t how I predicted, it’s still pretty good!

So what were your thoughts on Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 46? Let me know in the comments or in the discussion thread on /r/Digimon!

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