ABCs of Underrated Digimon: U is For…

This was actually another kinda hard one – there just aren’t that many Digimon that start with the letter ‘U’.
I wanted to pick UlforceVeedramon, but he’s definitely not underrated. He’s super cool!
U is For..

A dinosaur…but WITH GUNS!
He’s very much following the theme of: take a creature, strap metal and guns and whatever to it and give it a name.
I had this guy in Digimon Heroes from one of the events and he was one of my absolutely favourites. I really like Digimon that are based off Dinosaurs. I love Brachimon’s dumb but cute design, but Ultimate Brachimon, where they’ve just made him look less dumb and cute and more edgy and cool, is super likeable too!
So what’s the most underrated ‘mon starting with the letter ‘U’ in your opinion?
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What are your thoughts?