ABCs of Underrated Digimon: T is For…

As soon as I thought of the letter T, a certain Digimon came to mind, he’s super cool, a great combination of colours, and evolves from both Impmon, Hawkmon, Commandramon, and Penmon!
Any guesses?
Okay, T is For…

I can’t believe it’s not ‘-dramon’. Whenever I go to talk about this Digimon, my brain feels the need to add in ‘-dramon’. It does the same for Magnamon.
Thunderbirmon is more of a dragon than Birdramon, so why isn’t he classified as one.
I’m a big fan of this Digimon, a Bio-Hybrid version of him appears in Savers and a few appear in the second part of Xros Wars, but besides that, he doesn’t really appear much.
He’s such a cool combination of colours and, despite looking a little bit like a Pokemon, has a pretty unique look and I wish we saw him more often in Digimon.
So who is your favourite Digimon starting with the letter ‘T’?
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