ABCs of Underrated Digimon: V is For…

Before I begin, huge shoutout to the red version of Monochromon being called ‘Vermillimon’. Super funny, and almost worthy of being my answer for the letter ‘V’.

V is For…


digimon ABCs of Underrated Digimon: V is For... ABCs of Digimon

I’m a huge sucker for new Digimon and ‘-dramon’, so Volcanicdramon is no exception. He’s pretty edgy looking and I really enjoy jumping into Links every now and again. Sure, it’s Free to Play rubbish, but it’s free to play. I will never complain about a free and official Digimon game. It gives me quick endorphins and I get to see Digimon on my phone.

Vocainicdramon hasn’t really been in much, since he’s a new-ish Digimon, so he’s just on the Pendulum 20th and Digimon Links, which means there’s not much art of him.

He also looks like an evil version of Phoenixmon. I’m all about that.

So, what’s the most underrated Digimon starting with ‘V’ to you?

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