ABCs of Underrated Digimon: M is For…


I’d pick Mugendramon but everybody loves Mugendramon – the fans and the writers, but there’s another -dramon which warms my heart to see, oh no, here’s another nostalgia-mon!
Therefore, M is For…

Goddamit do I have a lot of feelings about Digimon World 2003; it’s the first game I ever really, really, really played and put over 100 hours into. The graphics were great (for 2002), the music was boppin’, and it was DIGIMON, and almost realistic (the story of ‘VR gone wrong’).
A Digimon who would commonly come up as an enemy was Maildramon, but, besides being in DW2003, was never really in any games after besides the various mobile games. Maildramon was a collectible card in Re:Digitize, but that was about it.
Maildramon was also in the opening scene in Digimon Tamers.
But besides the above mentioned and a handful of Hyper Colosseum cards, doesn’t have much love from the franchise writers or fans – to the extent where I’ve seen people asking who the Digimon is! How upsetting!
Maildramon is one of the ‘other DigiMental’ Digimon that would pop up as Monsters of the Week in Tamers and Frontier. Unfortunately, most of these Digimon were given names, voices, and even personalities. Maildramon was just on the screen for a few minutes and not much was really shown about it. Can you guess which Adventure Digimon it evolves from? Yep, that’s right, Tailmon!
There are so many Digimon who start with the letter ‘M’ but this was a really, really, easy choice and is probably one of the most underrated and unknown Digimon overall.

So what’s your favourite mon that starts with ‘M’?

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