Digimon Tamers BluRay Set – Any questions?

I recently purchased the Digimon Tamers BD Box set and it arrived the other day (and it is beautiful).
Thank you donators Ishpaul and Andy who donated to us for the boxset and thanks to all existing Patreon supporters for helping out!
Before I write up my post focusing on the box set, I was wondering if anybody had any specific questions about it that I could cover in addition to my review of the box set?
– May

Just under a week to go until the Digimon Tamers box set is released!

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Thanks to  Ishpaul and Andy for the donations so far as well as all current Patreon supporters Sam Krieger (who hosts a Digimon and Pokemon podcast with Stevie called ’The Moncast’), Stevie who is SteviePatamon on Tumblr and takes commissions, MetalMamemon, Joe, AnimeGuyKurosaki1,Chakmon,Hiro Alato, Jason Morosky, Ryuichi (frostmrajick on Archive of Our Own),Steven Reeves, Kaida Washi, Mac, Noam, Riku,Chisai, Kyle,DaLadyBugMan(you can read his blog about anime on baguburagu.wordpress.com), Tom, GlitchGoat, Azrael McCool, genehackmon (who hosts “New World Sonata – a sci-fi/fantasy audio drama podcast), Matthew, Anthony, Lizmet,Sithobi, Elyvorg,Sporky McForkinspoon (who hosts a Digimon Podcast called Going Digital), Meagan, Kyliek, Neoboo, The Time Optimist,SilverHairedFreak25 (@SHF25Tweets on Twitter), Harvey, Nicholas, and Anthony!

One month till the Digimon Tamers BluRay collection is released!

As we mentioned in this post, we would really appreciate any donations to assist us cover the cost for the Tamers BluRay which is coming out next month so we can cover it for the blog.
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Thank you so much for your time. We’re recording our thoughts on episodes three and four of Xros Wars tonight, so Episode 140 will be released tomorrow morning AEST.
Thanks to current donators Ishpaul and Andy!